Kokoro Connect 9

Oh boy! We’re almost at the end of this arc!

I’m kinda hyped to write this post so let’s start~


Taich and Aoki made up. Their plan to help Yui was a success so now she’s back to school. With the four members of the club back together, Inaba continues to isolate herself. And Heartseed’s visit to her just made things worse.


Ganbare, Aoki!

First, let’s congratulate the boys for doing a job well done~! Really, who would’ve thought that Taichi and Aoki’s idea would work? When the four of them tried to help Yui, they failed. I guess, this problem could only be solved by guys 🙂 Even though I wanted Iori to be the person who saves them all, I kinda like the way things turned. Iori’s quite busy handling Himeko anyway. Taichi did a good job explaining things to Yui. It sounded hard but actually pretty easy. The desire to not do something will beat the desire to something. All it takes is a strong mind and body control, of course some friends too. But I think Aoki deserves the most praise for this success. Not only did he proved that they can control their desires, but also, he made Yui feel a lot better by showing just how much he loves her. I kept thinking just how great Aoki is. He may be a pervert but you can’t deny the fact that his unconditional love is amazing. Even if they go to a love hotel, even if Yui wears sexy clothes, Aoki will never give in to the desire to do something that will hurt her. Ain’t that sweet? He’s a jester that can be a knight-in-shining-armor if needed. Yui should definitely go out with him. He’s a great guy. I really like him more than Taichi.

+1 point for Taichi.

Aside from Yui x Aoki, there was a little Iori x Taichi in this episode. I hated Taichi last week but somehow, my anger had already subsided, thanks to him realizing his own mistakes (thanks to the advice of Fujishima). Given Iori’s character, it’s expected that she’d forgive him. I squeed a little when Taichi knelt down and asked if he could stay by her side. I know he’s kneeling because he’s sorry but still, that ‘can I stay by your side’ is kinda cheesy to me lol

With things almost back to normal, the only problem left is Himeko. I like her but what she’s been doing is to tires me already. Yui already talked to her saying everything’s fine and forget what Himeko said to her but our club vice-president still won’t stop acting childish. I seems she’s always been distant to people and find it really hard to trust them. I can relate to this feeling but her way of thinking that she should just stay away to prevent hurting anybody. She’s done it before so she doesn’t have the trouble doing it now, unlike Taichi, who chose to hurt his friends if needed just to stay by their side. Himeko didn’t literally lock herself in her room, but rather went back to how she was before meeting her club members. Because of it, Heartseed wasn’t amused and came to mess things up more. The reason Himeko isolates herself is not because of the fear that she might hurt her friends’ feelings again, but because she’s scared that her secret might be revealed. It’s now confirmed (as if it wasn’t already obvious before), Himeko likes someone in their group, and she tries her hardest not to show it. Based on the preview, the ‘talk’ between Iori and Himeko (the thing i mentioned in last week’s post), will happen next week. The end and the climax of this arc~!


I know, people are betting that Himeko likes Taichi, I’m betting on that too, but for some strange reason, after seeing the preview for episode 10, I suddenly thought that Himeko might be in love with Iori. Ok, it’s rubbish. Hints that say she likes Taichi are everywhere but… I don’t know, it’s just my unrealistic guess. I’m probably confusing this again with my love for yuri lol That secret Iori discovered is probably Himeko being in love with Taichi. That’s what everyone’s guess right now.

I’m once again desperately looking for an English version of the light novel. Baka-tsuki is starting their translation of Kokoro Connect but the volume 1 is not even finish yet, and what I need now is volume 2 and 3. It’s hard to wait for the new episode every week. this is the same thing I did with Sword Art Online. To know the whole story in advance, I cheated by reading the light novel and spoiled myself. Also, it’s always good to read the LNs because they’re more accurate. Some things can only be understood by reading the novels. It’ll probably take some more time before Baka-tsuki completes their translation so I need to wait again. They’re the only reliable translators I know. Chikusho, I really need to learn reading Japanese.

Random thoughts:

  • I think Aoki, Yui, Taichi and Iori were possessed by gluttony when they started eating those food. And their faces were kinda freaky lol
  • Himeko could have at least turned on the lights in her room when she had a talk with Heartseed. Why keep the lights off when your with someone as dangerous as him? (O.o)
  • No Fujishima this episode. But it’s ok, thanks to her things are about 75% fine now.
  • I think the art this week looks better than the last few episodes.

Off topic but still related to Kokoro Connect:

To those who dropped or planning to drop this anime after learning about the issue that surfaced recently (though that incident happened two months ago), I think it’s wrong. This anime is awesome in its own rights. The things the producers and some of the seiyuus pulled in ‘that’ event went overboard indeed but it has nothing to do with how good this anime is going. Some people are already boycotting Kokoro Connect but not me. I’m against what they did but it doesn’t affect my love for this show. And besides, if anyone was to blame, it should be the producers. It was their idea. Also, a few days ago, the official website of KC already released an apology, and the people involved had already settled things. Lastly, I just want to point out that Toyosaki Aki and Sawashiro Miyuki, the seiyuus for Iori and Himeko respectively, has nothing to do with that incident. It’s not fair to bash them, nor the anime, the light novel and the author for it. That’s all.

Dewa, dewa, Ja ne~

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