Yuru Yuri 10

There was a change in the current timeline in this episode…

I think the story went back in time, during the field trip of the senpais. If you guys remember, episode 10 of Yuru Yuri season 1, Kyouko, Yui, Ayano and Chitose joined the field trip for the 2nd years. The four kouhais were left and didn’t got any screen time (except for the title call). In season 2, in the current story and timeline, Kyouko and the other 3 are in their 3rd year of middle school while Akari and her classmates are 2nd years. Ok, enough of that. Who cares about the time? what’s important is the fun.

So their senpais are having a trip to Kyoto for a few days, that leaves the juniors by themselves. The episode was full of Akari x Chinatsu and Sakurako x Himawari.

remember that drum? XD

Before… ❤

After… lol


I think the most adorable things I saw in this episode were the loli Sakurako and Himawari. Man, they’re so kawaii~<3 And their loli voices just add up to the cuteness. It’s nice to see how they were so close friends when they were young, they even filled up a marriage application form lol So they planned to get married? They were still kids yet they’re already into yuri XD And Nadeshiko, Sakurako’s older sister didn’t even pointed out the fact that they’re both girls. It’s probably because she’s into yuri as well, seeing that grew up and got a girlfriend who even slept over in their house, in her room, in her bed XD Himawari’s reaction to that was funny but Sakurako doesn’t seem to care about her sis being a les because she is too, deep inside LOL. Well, even if they fight often, like, really often, Himawari and Sakurako still care for each other. They’re best friends after all. Himawari still helps Sakurako with her assignment despite the latter always calling her a booby monster. Also, Sakurako puts, even just a little, effort to make Himawari an onigiri for all her help and for always tagging along. The onigiri was a disaster though, so I doubt Himawari appreciated the very little effort lol Just like Nadeshiko said, the two of then never changed 🙂 Only the way they show their love for each other.

Poor Akari …lol

While Yui and Kyouko are away, Akari and Chinatsu are left at the club room. As Chinatsu gets depressed over not being able to see her beloved Yui-senpai, Akari, being a good friend, comes to comfort her. She soon regretted that lol For a moment there, I thought Akari, the last remaining straight girl in this yuri show, was falling for Chinatsu. The possibility of that happening isn’t zero since, if you remember, Chinatsu kinda violated Akari by kissing her (that was attempted raep right? XDD) I’m glad she’s hasn’t joined the rest of the girls yet. Anyway, since she’s a good friend, Chinatsu decided to whatever Akari wants that day. I think Akari already sensed danger with the proposal. The sleeping on my lap was fine, my yuri radar reacted lol but the massage was pretty much like Chinatsu’s drawings; Scary. I bet a few of Akari’s bones broke XD Chinatsu said that her sister loves her massage. Her sister is probably a masochist. Luckily, Kyouko and Yui came back before Akari dies due to multiple bone damages XD

Random thoughts:

  • Sakurako’s older sister is pretty ❤
  • That drum by the river in the background of the second pic, I bet you remember “that” scene in episode 12 of season 1.
  • I know Chinatsu is obsessed with Yui, but I didn’t know she also stalks her lol
  • I wonder why they decided to animate this story just now. This should have been in season 1.

Dewa, ja~!

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