Kokoro Connect 10

Great episode is great.


During the field trip, Iori discovered Himeko’s secret. She is in love with Taichi as well. The two had a confrontation and Iori assures that no matter how weak Himeko is or even if she loves Taichi too, she will continue to be her friend. Himeko eventually felt better and they decided to do a fair fight for Taichi. Heartseed suddenly possessed Iori and informs Himeko that Taichi fell. Thinking that he fell from a cliff, Himeko dashed to the camp site to see a fine Taichi who just fell from a tree to save a kitten. After giving him an elbow to the stomach, she cried in relief. At the end of the day, at the back of the school, Himeko confessed to Taichi but was turned down saying that he is in love with Iori right now. Himeko replies that she already knows it but doesn’t intend to give him up, and then, she stole a kiss from him.


Oh boy, it was everything I expected and more. Now it’s really impossible for me to choose between Iori and Himeko. I love them both, and it somehow pisses that they’re fighting over Taichi. That guy is damn lucky.

It’s always been a talk about how oblivious Iori, and Taichi are to Himeko’s feelings. But now, finally, Iori someone noticed. I guess kissing the hand that Taichi held gave some away, but the thing that gave it all off was Himeko’s reaction. While they were arguing, Iori had an out burst, and this is the first time that something good came out of their unleashing of desires. Iori probably had the desire to help her friend. It’s different from what happened to Himeko and Taichi where they ended up being too honest and hurt others. I’ve also noticed that Iori is the person least affected from these desires being unleashed while it caused too much trouble to the others. on that note, it may be the reason why she was the one to help Himeko. Now she gets the hero part XD I actually understand Himeko’s reason perfectly well. Like I said, she’s the character I have similar personalities with, and after this episode, she’s probably the character I resemble most, in all the anime I’ve seen. This is the basis of my guess that Himeko is pushing Iori and Taichi together so she can settle her feelings and everything will be fine. They’re together, the group continues, everyone is happy, while she suffers alone behind her ‘I-am-tough’ attitude. It’s not like I’ve been in that kind of situation, it’s just that I would most likely do the same thing if I were. Also, her ‘I-shouldn’t-be-weak-or-else-I-will-lose-everything’ is understandable also. For those introverts or those who are not good at making friends would relate to this. If they make friends, as much as they cherish them, they tend to draw a line between them where their friends will not see their weaknesses or else they wouldn’t like them anymore. That is, if those friends are not like Iori and the others. Himeko is lucky enough to have friends who would accept her and her weaknesses. And the things Iori said to her were very touching. Himeko said that she’s always wanted someone to tell her those words. She may not have notice how lucky she is with her friends.*sigh* I wish I had a friend like Iori (foreveralone lol).

Aww… :’)


We go now to Himeko liking Taichi. Friendship falls apart once love comes into the picture? I guess the answer depends on how strong the friendship is. Since Himeko has always been alone, she chose to still be alone. If Yui and Aoki got together, ¬†then Iori and Taichi too, everything falls into place, everybody happy. This plot line is pretty popular, isn’t it? I’ve seen it before I just can’t remember where (because I have a poor memory). Anyway, she chose to be the person who would be left alone, thinking that it’s the best way to keep the group together. But Iori was right, if someone eventually needed to be left alone, it wouldn’t make a difference if it’s not Himeko. I’m aware that most people are favoring Himeko, and I guess they will like her more now that she revealed that she’s willing enough to sacrifice her love for the sake of friendship. Not only that it’s really noble of her, but also, quite a number of people are probably going through the same thing. They would choose to protect the friendship that was built for so long than to admit the love that would probably ruin it in an instant. Ah, the pain… I don’t have any experience but since I’ve seen this kind of story, I somehow know that it hurts, especially when some of those stories didn’t end happily. But like I said, the answer depends on how strong the friendship is. Iori said it herself, a man would never break her friendship with Himeko. Aww… isn’t that beautiful? This is the kind of bond strong enough to not be broken by the love for the same guy. We should really give credit to what Iori. Aside from smacking some sense into Himeko, she draw out her greatest rival herself. She knows Taichi loves her but what she said to Himeko was “May the best woman win!”. The way things currently stands, it’s already her win. I wonder if she chose to have with Himeko so the latter will be able to show Taichi her real feelings and for her not to regret something in the end. Whatever the reason, Iori just proved that she’s a true friend. Even if they’re rivals in love, they’re still best friends. Kudos to Iori. ¬†And with that, Himeko is all better! Yay! Also, I said last week that I had this weird hunch that¬†Himeko¬†could actually be in love with¬†Iori, but it’s just my¬†ridiculousness¬†(and¬†yuri¬†goggles on). Their scene was really wonderful that even if¬†Iori¬†said that she like¬†Himeko¬†(as a friend), it didn’t activate my¬†yuri¬†goggles. It was the pure beauty of friendship ūüôā

Everything is OK now, then suddenly… Heartseed! Screw this guy. He’s been receiving so much hate but he never really got into my nerve until this, when he all of a sudden ruined that nice moment between Iori and Himeko. I wasn’t as pissed as when he took over Iori’s body before and jumped off the bridge, during the time when Taichi confessed, even though it was a nice moment too. I just think that Iori and Himeko’s moment of friendship is more beautiful (I chose friendship over love :D). Screw him and his false alarm. This freaking guy should have explained what happened to Taichi with more detail and not with that serious, scary voice of his. Himeko was worried sick for nothing. Heartseed seriously loves to troll.

In the end, to settle her feelings, Himeko confessed to Taichi. Iori knew about it and it’s for the best, since she had already confessed to him, Himeko should too, it’s a fair fight after all. But, as we all know, and she already knows as well, Taichi is in love with Iori. As much as he feels honored (and damn he should), he doesn’t think of Himeko as more than a friend. ‘Ouch, dude’ was what I mumbled to myself lol. Fortunately, Himeko was fine with it, it’s not like Iori and Taichi have gotten ‘official’ yet, it means she still has a chance. That’s the spirit! Though honestly, I’m not really rooting for them because I ship Iori x Taichi. I’m just happy that Himeko regained her confidence and is all better now. Too better, to be precise. She felt too much courage and confidence that she kissed Taichi, in the lips. *faints*…. *regains¬†consciousness* I never saw this coming. I don’t know if it can be called cheating since Himeko already kissed Taichi before. It’s Iori in her body but still, physically, it was Himeko. Iori haven’t really kissed Taichi yet. That sucks :/ Oh well, at least everything is fine now. All’s well that ends well.

That confrontation scene was the thing I’ve been waiting for this arc and man, I have to compliment Toyosaki Aki and Sawashiro Miyuki for making it awesome. As expected for the award wining seiyuus of Iori and Himeko ūüôā It’s plain amazing how they voiced their characters, it’s amazing before but, that scene where Iori and Himeko were shouting and arguing was made more beautiful by their seiyuus. I’ve always thought the voice that comes perfect with Aki is Itou Kanae’s. If you’ve seen To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Aki voiced Uiharu while Kanae voiced Saten. I’ve always thought their voices match each other and I love hearing their interactions. But now, I think Sawashiro Miyuki’s voice is more perfect with Aki’s. While Aki’s voice is the cute, girly type, Miyuki-san’s voice is the serious, boyish type. And gosh, their voices blended really good and it matched their characters perfectly (Iori and Himeko). I’m not sure if you guys understand what I’m talking about, but I just have to let my amazement out (am I having a desire out burst? XD). Individually, they also did a great job. I’d love to see, or I should say, hear them together in more anime ‚̧

And so, the Kizu Random arc is over. It was a nice story, IMHO, I’d say this was a little better than the first arc. Even though this arc went a little too slow with its progress in the middle, it went back up again last episode, and finally achieving a¬†wonderful¬†ending, just like the first arc. I noticed that in the last episodes of both arc, someone falls, someone confesses and Heartseed trolls the characters lol Coincidence? It doesn’t really matter, as long as it gives a great ending ūüôā With this, the Kako Random starts next week! YAY! This is what I’ve been anticipating for since reading the light novels. This should be the last arc and the anime stops at episode 13. For those Yui x Aoki fans out there, you’d probably love this story ;D, though, I wonder how will they put a decent ending in for an arc in just 3 episodes. We just have to wait again. If they release the BD, which is rumored to be cancelled because of the stupid issue, it will include the 4th volume of the LN. I hope they do release it.

Random thoughts:


  • Iori’s desire out burst at the start of this episode was really cute~! And the way she pleads to Taichi to carry her switched my shipper button. Iori x Taichi all the way! ‚̧


  • The second cutest desire out burst belongs to Himeko, when she tried to compete with Iori in cutting vegetables LOL A jealous Himeko is as cute as a childish Iori ‚̧
  • LOL at Iori arriving at the camp site without any idea what was happening.


  • First a jealous Himeko, now an¬†embarrassed¬†Himeko… I only have one word; cute :3

That concludes this long post! I ‚̧ Kokoro Connect!

Ja ne!

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