Yuru Yuri 11

Finally, an entire episode dedicated for the protagonist, Akari!


This episode was really nice. I was actually expecting an episode like this because I figured that they might do the same thing as in season 1. If anyone remembers, ep 11 of season 1 was about Kyouko losing her insanity after hitting her head. It was all about Kyouko and how her friends chose and brought back the stupidly eccentric her over the behaved and normal one. What I did not expect was this episode focusing on Akari. I guess even forgot that she’s the main character of Yuru Yuri XD


When I saw the title “The Akari who leapt through time” I LOLed thinking that this’ll be a parody of the movie “The girl who leapt through time”. Before the drama, the things Akari did to prevent her past self in making the mistakes she will soon regret were hilarious. Unfortunately, she failed. The week she spent in the past wasn’t all that bad though, thanks to Akane. Thanks to this episode, I now think that she’s actually a pretty reliable sister and not just an incest obsessed sister XD She actually believed Akari’s story without any second thought and even gave some great advises to her littler sis.

Aww… 🙂

But what impressed me most about Akane was, she can actually sleep with Akari without doing anything to her XDD I can’t imagine just how happy she was that time. She stayed up all night, staring and probably drooling at her cute sleeping little sister. But whatever the case, Akane’s a good older sister.

It wasn’t only Akane who knows Akari’s time travel, Nishigaki-sensei and StuCo president, Matsumoto also. It’s quite funny how they easily believe her story. Anyways, since the time machine was broken, Akari asked Nishigaki to fix it, thinking she was the one who made it (and she’s a mad-inventor as well.) Unfortunately again, Nishigaki didn’t make it, neither she could understand how it was built, luckily, she was able to fix it. It was just the freaking battery! lol. And that time machine is being run just by a AAA battery! lol again.

After giving up changing her past and realizing that she doesn’t want to erase a whole year of memories, Akari decides to return. What she saw at the club room upon arriving back in the present was way far from what she expected.


I figured that dramatic part will be at this point but I did not expect it to be touching enough to make me all teary eyed. Everyone was there, Kyouko, Yui, Chinatsu, Ayano, Chitose, Chizuru, Himawari and Sakurako were making flyers for the missing Akari. I loved how Kyouko cried as she jumped to hug Akari. Everyone else were crying as well. It was a really touching scene ❤ Akari wanted to change her past to make up for her lack of presence. She wanted to stand out because almost nobody notices her and this was what she reckoned she will see when she comes back, but no. Just when she thinks no one pays attention to her, there they are, her friends. Worried sick and desperately tries to think of a way to find her. Akane, Matsumoto and Nishigaki were there too. Even if they told everyone that Akari will be back in a week, they still kept on searching. Man, this is the first time Yuru Yuri made me nearly cry. I was so close to crying as I watch that scene. It was so touching. Akari is not unlucky at all. She may not always have a long screen time and she lacks presence too ,but that doesn’t mean she’s not important. She has friends who love her, even though sometimes it’s not obvious lol. Akari IS the MAIN CHARACTER after all

…. (o.o)


And so I was at the brink of crying when I the scene changed and Kyouko started explaining. LOL. Wth? It wasn’t real!. A story Kyouko made up. Well, Akari is the main character but she’s the one who usually gets bullied XD Poor Akari.

So I guess Yuru Yuri season 2 is only 12 episodes. We have one last to go. While this week would have been a great ending to the show, they’ll be back to give the best blow so I really can’t wait. I actually would love to see Chitose go on a kissing rampage again but I doubt they’re use it again for this. Since the last episode of season 1 was a pure epicness and summed up everything I love about Yuru Yuri, I have high expectations on the last episode of season 2.

All that’s left is wait for the ending… (T^T) I hate it when a good anime ends, but no can help *sigh*

Ja ne, minna~

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