Kokoro Connect 11

This is, by far, the cutest episode of Kokoro Connect ❤


The unleashing of desire phenomena has ended, but a new supernatural problem struck the club. From 12 pm to 5pm, some of them turn back into kids. Along their time being reverse, memories of their past are back as well.


Lolis. Lolis everywhere XD

I expected nothing less. I said that this arc ‘Kako Random’ is the one I’m looking forward to the most, and this is the reason. They turn into kids! I was excited for this arc because, aside from seeing the group (especially the girls) turn into cute kids, we will once again hear just how epic Kokoro Connect’s seiyuus are, with Toyosaki Aki and Sawashiro Miyuki being special mentions.


asdfghjkl!! ❤

asdfghjkl!! ❤

I’ll be talking about first the moe-ness of this episode. I’m not into loli but goodness me, Iori, Himeko and Yui in child form are too freakin’ adorable! (I completely ignored the shota Aoki XD) First it was a 6 yrs old Iori and an 11 yrs old Yui. The latter was really cute too, but a chibi Iori + My Aki-chan’s irresistibly amazing loli voice = A death by moe overdose XD It was too friggin’ KAWAII!! Then, a chibi Himeko appeared. I joined Iori and Yui in fawning over her lol How I wish I was able to hug her too! And hearing Miyuki-san’s loli voice… Oh dude, I died again. SO CUTE!! I don’t really like children, but kids in animes are just too adorable. And their seiyuus just double their cuteness with really moe loli voices XD Funny how these children don’t question where are their parents or why are they there with the other who didn’t turn into kids.


Alright, let’s talk about how funny this episode was, which most of the comedy was brought by our supposedly serious club vice-prez, Inaba Himeko. I guess she had really overcome her trust issues now. It’s nice to see her act more normal, without holding herself back like before. Like how she just screamed out of the window when she saw Yui and Iori shrunk into kids. Well, I guess instead of panicking like what Aoki did, it’s better to just let it all out lol Also, the jealous Himeko is back! This could count as cute but I think it perfectly fits the funny part. The way she reacted while the innocent 14 yrs old Iori tamed Taichi was priceless. What’s even more funny was she too was tamed by Iori lol It seems like Iori is pretty great at reading people, making her able to modify her personality to suit her environment. She can tame people and make them adore her… that is a bit scary indeed XD And lastly, the scene that most probably increased Himeko’s fan base again. Kokoro Connect presents fan service to all Himeko fans! A half-naked Himeko lol Since only their bodies shrink, they must have clothes ready, and unfortunately, little Himeko failed to change clothes in time, resulting to a few seconds of fan service XDD We also got another priceless reaction from her 😀

Ok, let’s get serious now. So the second Heartseed appears. I know there’s gonna be a second one but I have no idea in what volume he shows up and what happened to the first Heartseed. Oh well, I just have to wait till the translation of the light novel is complete. Speaking of the LN, this went a bit different from it. In the LN, the second one, which I will call Heartseed 2, possesses one of Taichi’s female classmate and not his sister like in the anime. The producers probably don’t want to add too much new characters for the last 3 episodes lol I don’t know if Taichi is really immune to this time reverse thing since his name wasn’t on the board, and Heartseed 2 has some plans for him but, there’s an illustration in the LN with a 14 yrs old Taichi so… I don’t know. Anyway, like the first Heartseed, this new one’s also screwing with the lives of our club members.

While there was a lot of moe (which came from the little girls) and comedy in this episode, it seems trouble is brewing in the background. When they said that they can only remember the things from the age they’re in, I had a bad hunch about Yui. I know this arc is for her, and now I do know too what will be her problem. There was also a new character that is connected to Yui’s past. I have something in mind about her upcoming problem but since this is just a guess, I’d rather not tell it yet XD What I didn’t expect though, was that Aoki’s history will also be told in this arc. Honestly, I thought we won’t ever know his past but I guess not. His story, I think, is somehow connected to Yui’s problem, or maybe he’ll be the one to solve it.

Also, I’d like to think that Yui is starting, or maybe has already fallen for Aoki. His background story has something to do with her past girlfriend who looks similar to Yui. Her reaction to this, looks like to me, is that of hurt and jealousy. The LN is already on its 8th volume, and I have an untranslated copy of them. I can’t be sure if after this arc (which is volume 3) they got together because I can’t read Japanese, but I’m hoping (and guessing) they finally did. Whatever happened with Aoki’s ex, or even if she looks like Yui, I do believe he truly loves her. I think I’m becoming a Yui x Aoki shipper now. Actually, I didn’t really care for their pairing at first but it’s gotten interesting lately XD To all Yui x Aoki shippers, rejoice! This arc is for you guys 🙂

Lastly, I just want to mention how I’m amazed at Iori and Himeko’s friendship. I’m not sure if a friendship like their’s can actually happen in real life, I guess not. Having ‘girls talk’ late at night, talking about the guy they both like. Indeed, it was funny, but beautiful at the same time. There seems to be something troubling Iori and I hope Himeko is the one to help her this time. Taichi just can’t always be the problem solver even if it involves his harem girls.

I can’t find a vid of the new ED 😦 A screen cap will do.

Since this is a new arc, there’s also a new ending, and I think, it’s the coolest.

To be honest, I never expected Kokoro Connect to be this good. I actually thought, at first, that Tari Tari will be better than KC. But man, I was so wrong. Plot wise, and entertainment wise, KC excells compared to other slice-of-life anime that aired this summer. It’s been a long time since I last got excited for every episode of an anime. I’m just so happy every time it’s Saturday. To me, it doesn’t mean weekend, but the day when a new episode is released. And it never disappoints me. Each episode it great, which only makes me want more. Urgh! I don’t care if it’s too early to ask (or even too ridiculous, considering the issue before) but, I WANT A SEASON 2!!


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  1. Earthling says:

    I want season 2 too!!!! I want to see that certain legendary scene!!! >_<

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