Yuru Yuri 12 (Final)

It’s over! (T^T)
Together with the summer season, Yuru Yuri 2 now comes to a close.


It’s Nanamori Private Middle School’s culture festival so the Amusement club joined forces with the Student Council to present a play; Snow White.


Kyouko – Snow White,

Nishigaki-sensei – Evil queen

Matsumoto – Mirror

Chizuru – The hunter

Akari, Chinatsu, Ayano, Chitose, Sakurako, Himawari and Yui – The seven dwarfs.

Yui – The Prince

It was a weird play but they managed to pull it off and Akari even got a grand entrance at the end.

Final Impressions:

While I’m sad that one of the shows I really enjoy has ended, I’m happy that it didn’t fail my expectations. Yuru Yuri has always saved the best for last and this episode summed up everything I loved about this series. From the stupidest gag to the yuri goodness, everything was in this final episode.

Before the main event, there was a warm up first. Just like in season 1, the episode started a short story with only the main girls, Kyouko, Yui, Chinatsu and Akari just having fun in the club room. Though, it doesn’t have any relation to the culture festival, still it was fun. We got to see Chinatsu’s ball-eating hair once again and Kyouko falling as a victim of her own prank XD After this, the best part starts.

The whole play was hilarious. Since the play is presented by the Student Council and Amusement club, there’s no doubt it’ll be one weird and screwed up play lol And I wasn’t wrong. It was the strangest Snow White story I’ve seen. Kyouko completely stained the image of the sweet and lovely princess. She goes around eating the cardboard flowers on the set. And since it’s Kyouko, instead of an apple, the thing that poisoned her was a TOMATO! XD Chizuru also participated as the hunter. It was just a drama but she was using real gun lol Where the hell did she get that? If Kyouko wasn’t able to dodge even a single bullet, she’d be dead by now XD

Then there were the elves. Tsundere dwarf (Ayano), Glasses dwarf (Chitose), Retorting dwarf (Yui), Evil dwarf (Chinatsu), Boob dwarf (Himawari), Stupid dwarf (Sakurako), and The remarkably unremarkable dwarf (Akari). The names really fit, especially Sakurako! She doesn’t even know she’s the stupid dwarf XD

Of course, we also got served by Chitose’s fatal nosebleed. In every last episode, she nearly dies from seriously massive nosebleeds. And even when she’s already lying on her own blood, she’s still able to mutter her fantasies XD Yuri fans should look up to Chitose. They fantasize even if it would cause them death lol Also, I think this is the first time we actually saw a jealous Himawari. Sakurako got an indirect kiss from Kyouko and Himawari got flustered and angry.

Since this is the last episode, the wish has been granted. Kyouko and Yui finally kissed! I know fans have been waiting for this. Chinatsu and Akari already shared a kiss, though the former forced the later and it ended up being an unpleasant memory for Akari lol Though the Yui x Kyouko kiss was an accident (thanks to Chinatsu), it was still worth all the wait. It seems Yui doesn’t mind kissing Kyouko because she didn’t look bothered by it. Kyouko, on the other hand, was really happy she scored a kiss. Too bad for Chinatsu and Ayano XD

So we’ve seen the gags, Chitose’s nosebleed, the kissing, all that’s left is for Akari’s sacrifice XD She tried to talk things out with the queen’s Chinatsu’s robot. This Snow White was really screwed up that it even has a robot in the story XD Luckily, it ran out of battery (It’s being run by a double A battery lol), but unfortunately, it broke down on Akari. The play ends with the Queen and Snow White making up for the sake of Akari’s sacrifice. They immediately assume that she’s dead XD When she finally came out, the curtains already fell.

Despite all that happened to Akari, during the cast call, she had a grand entrance. Sitting on a swing, she descended from above the stage. Really, an entrance fit for the main protagonist. Everything was fine now, and the play was a success, but we they (including me) forgot one last thing… the robot was made by Nishigaki-sensei. You can guess the next thing that happened XD

Oh, there was no Mirakurun in this finale but the sister are all present! I seriously love Sakurako’s sisters. They hate her too much that they’d trade her anytime for Kaede, Hiawari’s little sis XD They’re the total opposite of Akari’s sister.

Last season it was an overnight at school, now it’s a play for the culture fest. The season 2 gave the same epicness as season 1. Though the start wasn’t as I expected, it got back on track by episode 4, but I wondered how will they match, or even surpass the awesomeness of season 1’s finale. With this last episode for season 2, I say they were able to reach the same level 🙂 Like I said everything was packed here in the finale. Everything I love about Yuru Yuri. I’m glad that they didn’t fail my expectations. I’m not watching many anime this season but I can say that Yuru Yuri is one of the funniest this summer. I teared up a little about the fact that it’s over but I’m guessing that there’ll be a season 3 *crosses fingers* I really hope they do make one next year.

My overall rating: 8/10

With this, we say goodbye to the girls and to the main protagonist. Until we meet again~! 😀

Dewa, mata!

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