Kokoro Connect 12

Kyaa~! I’ve officially boarded the Yui x Aoki ship!


As the ‘Time Reversal’ phenomenon continues for the CS Club, Yui and Aoki remembered the past they’ve forgotten. After being beaten by Mihashi and recalling her terrible experience, Yui realized that she is nothing more than a background character that depends on other people. She is no longer the strong person she was before. To make matters worse, a middle-schooler Aoki often mistakes her for being Nishino Nana’s sister. Same with Yui, Aoki is going through problems as well. To solve these, he went to see his first love, Nana. After stating that he now loves someone else more, he went back and confessed, again, to Yui. Believing his sincerity, she hugged him real tight to conquer her fears. Yui won. She won against her fears and trauma. Everything is now fine between them. On the other hand, Himeko tries to make Taichi spill the beans about the current phenomenon.


Before I was only fascinated by the Yui x Aoki pairing, after this episode, I totally ship them! Aoki is really amazing, heck, he’ll be a much better boyfriend than Taichi IMO. Yui  might have told Taichi her problems but the one who solved them was Aoki, using true love~ They may have said some mean things to each other because of their problems and they nearly fall apart, but in the end, it all worked out. He doesn’t love her because she looks like Nana, because if he does, he’ll have the same amount of love for Yui like what he had for Nana.

Aoki said it himself, his love for Yui is much greater than what he had for his first love. Aoki is so cool there! It’s his moment of greatness 😀 And the hug… Kyaa! His confession gave Yui the courage to try and face her fears. She was all gloomy and depressed but then he eased her worries. Ah, the power of love XD I expect everything to be better between them from now on 🙂

I said in last week’s post than I have a hunch about Yui’s problem, turns out, it wasn’t as big as I thought. At least her androphobia is out of the picture now, there’s no reason to reject Aoki’s love ❤ The thing with her Karate colleague, Mihashi still remained unsolved though, but it looks like the arc for Yui x Aoki had wrapped up in this episode. There’s more of this paring in the other volumes but too bad they won’t animate it :/

From Yui x Aoki, we go to the love triangle of Iori x Taichi x Himeko, which somehow stayed a little behind the shadows in this arc to make way for the other pairing. It’s really amazing how Iori and Himeko remain close friends. They would argue at times but rather than it being serious, I find it funny how they fight. But it seems to me, only Himeko is continuously making moves. I’ve never seem Iori being jealous as much as Himeko, nor I’ve seen her being sweet to Taichi. I don’t know if she’s confident enough that Taichi won’t be taken away or maybe she’s got her own problems to attend to before love. The preview for the last episode seems to be pointing at the latter. Speaking of the preview, I was like: “It ends with Iori! Yay!” The focus of next episode seems to go back to Iori. Aside from her multiple personas, she has other problems at home, which was never clearly given focus. Episode 13 will conclude volume 3 of the light novel, centering with Iori’s family problems. More than being excited, I’m sad and depressed that KC is about to end (T^T) This is totally the best series this summer for me and knowing that it’ll end soon is just sad. SEASON 2 PLEASE!!

Also, I forgot to mention before Mihashi’s seiyuu. She’s Maaya Uchida (Rea in Sankarea). Nana’s seiyuu is Haruka Tomatsu (yep, it’s her). I didn’t notice immediately that it was Haruka, only until I saw the cast credits and her name was there XP I watched that part again and yes, it’s Asuna’s voice. Yui’s sister, Anzu is voiced by Ayane Sakura (Mari Buratei in Joshiraku). Except for Haruka, the two are pretty much newcomers so I’m not very familiar with them.

For the last arc, there’s a new OP (There’s no vid on YT). I think this new opening is for the animation of Kokoro Connect: Michi Random since the 4th volume of the LN focuses deeper on Iori’s problems. I notice that at the end of the OP, Taichi and Himeko hold Iori’s hands :3

Out of topic, but I just wanna say how awesome the translator of KC light novel at Baka-tsuki is. He (I’m assuming the person’s a guy) is alone but he’s doing a hell of a great, and FAST job. To whoever he is, me, and all those who follow the LN, are very grateful! Ganbare!

I am expecting that they saved the best for last, so I anxiously wait for the last episode of KC while trying to hold my tears (>.<).

Random thoughts:

  • Baby Iori is so asdfghjklasdfghjk!!! ❤
  • Aoki went to see his first love, says he now loves someone else, he leave. That was fast XD
  • Nana looks more like Yui’s younger sister, Anzu, than her lol
  • Yui taking care of a child Aoki was sweet 🙂


P.S. This is a late post because college life is seriously hectic. Gomen! I’ll make my watch list for the Fall season but I don’t know when (-_-“)

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