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Eureka Seven AO (End)

Ok, this is no review of some sort, it’s just my thoughts (and rants) about how AO ended. And I shouldn’t be doing this because I’m two weeks late for my Medaka Box posts, but, I just need to let … Continue reading

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YUI’s big announcement.

To clear things up, it’s not a retirement. It’s just another hiatus. Translation: “Everyone, hello. This is YUI. Today, I have something to tell. I, YUI, did activity as YUI for the past  8 years, Through a lot of encounters … Continue reading

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Medaka Box: Abnormal 3 & 4

Let me say sorry first for the delay of this post. Gomenasai. Okay, back on topic! Episode 3: This episode pretty much just served as an introduction to the next one. So, after Maguro’s training, Zenkichi and Medaka are now … Continue reading

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Toyosaki Aki ~ The Sweetest Voice

I am a seiyuu otaku, so now, let me tell you about my favorite seiyuu; Toyosaki Aki ♥ If you’ve seen K-ON! then you should know her. Yes, she is the super moe voice of Hirasawa Yui. Before I start talking … Continue reading

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