My Best Anime of 2012

Well, look who’s back? I figured I’d dust off this blog of mine a little XD

Since some people are talking about their best anime of 2012, I thought I’d share my list as well. I’m considering all animes that started winter of 2011 and ended early 2012 as part of last year’s anime list. Shows that are still airing are excluded here.

Here are my Top 5 animes of 2012:

1. Mirai Nikki

mirai nikkiI admit I didn’t watch Mirai Nikki until last month. It aired December of 2011 and ended march last year. I didn’t watch it since I’m not into thriller series very much, neither into yandere characters. I tried it out of curiosity and hey, I love it! The story really is great. It makes you want to see what happens next as soon as possible, thrilling indeed. Though it revolves around killing the rest of the diary holders, it wasn’t as gory as I expected (because they were cut out). But there’s a lot of blood. The animation adds a point too. The animation pretty much reflects the budget for the series and with Mirai Nikki, I’m guessing they saved quite a fortune for it. But the thing I loved most about MN are the characters, particularly Yuno. I said I’m not into yandere characters, but Yuno is the only exception. She’s a possessive, jealous, violent, murderous psychopath stalker but deep, very very deep inside, she’s just a girl in love. All she did, all she does and all that she will ever do is for her precious Yukki. That is what makes her an interesting character. And what makes the survival game even more amazing, is that you don’t know what happens next (you only know that Yuno’s gonna kill someone lol).

2. Hyouka

Chitanda x Houtaro Of course, there has to be a Kyoto Animation series in this list, and that is the mystery/school life Hyouka. Story? Great. Animation? Glorious. Characters? Good. It’s really hard for me to pick between Mirai Nikki and Hyouka as the #1. Both are amazing in their own right so they’re almost at the same level, although Hyouka is a few notch above Mirai Nikki when it comes to animation (I bet the budget is 2x bigger than that of K-On! season 2 XD). So, what made this ranked 2nd? Simple, Mirai Nikki drew me more on the edge and made my heart beat faster after each episode, while Hyouka is one of those those ‘smart animes’ that amaze you because of its witty mystery cases with every episode. But seriously, either one could be on the top spot.

3. Natsuiro Kiseki

NatsuKise Since I’m a fan of the slice-of-life genre, it is to be expected that there’s a slice-of-life anime here, though, Natsuiro Kiseki (or NatsuKise) has a touch of magic. While the story isn’t all that superb; the adventures-and-misadventures-of-four-friends-one-summer-vacation-caused-by-a-magical-rock-and-how-it-taught-them-lessons-about-life-and-friendship, it was still a good show. They may look like a bunch of kids having fun, but actually, they must face the sad reality of a friend moving away. In the end, all they went through made them more mature and strengthen their bond. Cliche? Well, I like this kind of feel good story. Also, the Sphere cast and the yuri undertones were merely bonuses. NatsuKise didn’t get 3rd on my list just because of those. Believe me.

4. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai


The 2nd KyoAni series on the list. Just so you know, I didn’t choose animes based on how much I like them, rather, I based it mainly on the story and how it was told (except for BRS, maybe), and Chuunibyou did a good job with those. From comedy, it can easily shift to drama without any flaw, the characters, from being childish to being mature (by force or not), from high school life to dramatic romance, everything was well executed. That’s KyoAni for you. Good show indeed.

5. Kokoro Connect / Black ★ Rock Shooter


brs1I have a good reason why KC is here, but for BRS, I don’t know, I just thought it was a cool anime and should be in the top 5. Shallow, I know *facepalm*

Now let me list down #1 in certain categories.

  • Best Animation: Hyouka
  • Best Slice-of-Life Series: Natsuiro Kiseki
  • Best School life Series: Tari Tari / Hyouka
  • Best Comedy Series: Yuru Yuri ♪♪
  • Best Romance Series: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai
  • Best Drama Series: Kokoro Connect / Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai
  • Best Action Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
  • Best Horror/Thriller: Another / Mirai Nikki
  • Best Adventure Series: Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing
  • Best Movie: From Up On Poppy Hill.
  • Best Opening: Black Rock Shooter OP
  • Best Ending: Hyouka ED 1
  • Character I Hate Most:

Kirigaya “Kirito” Kazuto (Sword Art Online) – Yes, I hate him. He ranks #1 in my ‘Go Die Bastard’ list.

  • Favorite Male Character:

Yamaguchi “Yamaken” Kenji (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) – He’s handsome, smart, rich, arrogant, but you know, he’d act stupid sometimes, spend his money, swallow his pride, and even give up his feelings if it’s for Shizuku. Yes, I like him more than Haru, more than the rest of the anime guys last year. Gawd! If Shizuku won’t take him, I will!

  • Favorite Female Character:

yuno4 Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki) – I don’t think I still need to explain why.

I don’t have a Best Ecchi because I don’t watch ecchi, there’s no sci-fi either because I didn’t find any great SF series, except for Robotics;Notes but it is still airing. In the Best Movie category, I would like to say K-On! The Movie but you know, it can’t possibly hold a candle against a Studio Ghibli film. Based on story and execution, I chose From Up On Poppy Hill.

Everyone says Fate/Zero is 2012’s best, I haven’t seen it, only the trailer, but I think so too. The Fate series is already known to be a great anime, so it’s expected. What? Why isn’t SAO in my best list? Well, it was a good anime (though I really couldn’t stomach the harem theme), until the 2nd arc, when they animated ALO. If you ask me, it turned to nothing but a fan-service anime, so no, SAO is not 2012’s best anime.

So anyways, that’s all. Opinion, suggestion, or violent reaction anyone? I know this isn’t the perfect list but, this is based on my own personal preference.


P.S. Pictures are not mine. Credits go to their respective owners~!

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2 Responses to My Best Anime of 2012

  1. Earthling says:

    I too started getting mad at SAO after the 1st arc (actually I started raging near the end of it). Note that I’m a fan for the LN, but the anime just made me go facepalm the whole time. First I see those laughable battle scenes and pacing. Then I see those fan-service shots rubbing against my face. And don’t get me started with the female characters. They were very interesting characters with depth in the LN, but they kept milking them (pun intended) solely for fan-service in the anime. Wrong focus yo. Wrong focus. Sigh. (+Rage)

    • reihikari09 says:

      True. The LN was great, but the anime was a fail, and some people actually liked it. What a taste. In the end, making it a fan-service anime with little focus on the main story just to increase BD/DVD sales is more important for them than a good adaptation. Facepalm worthy indeed.

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