My Favorite Anime Girls ♥

For the 50th anniversary since the first airing of Astro boy, NHK’s radio show conducted the Top 10 Anime Heroine Poll. Because my top 3 favorite girls were included, I decided to make my list too :3

Here we go:

#10: Aisaka Taiga (Tora Dora)

taigaI don’t think there’s someone who doesn’t love the Taiga. She’s my favorite tsundere. But more than that, I love how her character changed and developed through the series. From a fierce tsundere to a person who’d sacrifice the guy she likes for her best friend, to someone mature enough to stop running away and face her own personal problems. Really, Taiga is a great character.

#9: Minami Maho (BECK)


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I have 3 reasons why she’s on this list. First, Maho is seriously beautiful. Second, I think she’s the perfect girlfriend type. Third, she gives a middle finger to anyone who pisses her and tells them to “Fuck off”(she grew in the US after all XD).

#8: Noda “Nodame” Megumi (Nodame Cantabile)

nodamePut aside the fact that she rarely, rarely takes a bath, she’s an unbelievably terrible cook (it’s amazing that she hasn’t accidentally poisoned herself yet), her room is practically a dump site, she’s a music student who can’t read music sheets, she’s too eccentric for her own good, she likes to spout nonsense, and she’s basically a weirdo, Nodame is a gifted pianist who only loves her Chiaki-senpai. She may not be the perfect heroine in a story but you cannot deny the ‘awww~’ worthy fact that she’s willing to change and go lengths just to be able to play with Chiaki. Awww~~

#7: Faye Valentine (Cowboy Beebop)

fayeAs stated by Spike, ‘She’s a woman with attitude’.  And as stated by me, Faye is a kick-ass. Kick-ass enough to be a bounty hunter and even eat dog food lol

#6-A: Eureka (Eureka Seven)

eurekaInitially, I didn’t like Eureka. I didn’t like how she treated Renton during the early episodes but when she started to act more human and realize her feelings for him, I began to like her too. It’s admirable how much she loves him.

#6-B: Miyazawa Yukino (Kare Kano)

yukinoYukino is my no. 1 favorite shoujo heroine. Although she used to be the ‘Vanity Queen’, Yukino is the best character in Kare Kano. She’s pretty, she’s smart, she’s hardworking, she’s kind and most of all, she one strong woman, maybe not much physically, but very much emotionally. It was the power of love that made her amazingly strong.

#5: Kageyama Torako (Hyakko)

torakoI love everything about Torako. She’s the perfect lead for a slapstick comedy anime. Watching her never fails to give me a good laugh :3

#4: Nakamura “Yurippe” Yuri (Angel Beats!)

yuriSame with Faye. Yuri is one kick-ass girl (but she doesn’t eat dog food). I’m among those who watched Angel Beats! and fell for Yurippe instead of Kanade. I like dandere characters but a girl with a gun breaks the coolness level to me. Yuri’s incredible combat skills, leadership, and bravery are also worth noting. After I watched the first 2 episodes of the AB!, I knew I would love her, and I really did.

#3: Hirasawa Yui (K-ON!)

yuiBefore I started loving Toyosaki Aki, I loved Yui first. She’s so insanely cute it should be a crime! Aside from being moe, I love Yui’s carefree and cheerful nature. She may be an air-head and a klutz, but I look up to her ‘always positive’ attitude, it actually affects me 😀 It’s like what Mio said, she gives energy to the people around her (including the audience).

#2: Ayanami Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

rei1I’ve always loved Rei’s character ever since the first time I was Evangelion way back in my elementary days and I couldn’t explain why. There is something about her that I really love. Maybe it’s her stoic attitude, expressionless pretty face, or her ignorance of human nature, I don’t know. Maybe I like her because she isn’t human at all and that I spent years, watching Eva over and over again, just to know exactly what she is. Whatever the reason, I just love Rei, that’s it.

#1: Kuchiki Rukia (Bleach)

rukia1The undefeated (and will always be) no. 1 in my list. She now holds the title that used to be Rei’s. Rukia is a cut above the rest of the shounen heroines out there. She is neither a damsel in distress who just keep on whining nor just the hero’s love interest who doesn’t really have any great significance in the story. Rukia is half of what makes Bleach, Bleach (the other half being Ichigo). She is the only one who can save the savior and she’s too important that without her, the story wouldn’t even have started. Kubo Tite-sensei had stated, Rukia is a ray of light [for Ichigo].

Honorable mentions: Asuka Sorhyuu Langley (NGE), Yin (Darker Than Black),  and Maka Albarn (Soul Eater).

I expected to see Rei and Yui in NHK’s top list, but not Rukia. That’s why I was really happy and made a list of my own lol I knew she’s popular, she’s the heroine of one of the Big 3 anime/manga after all, but not that popular to be on the list. The second unexpected and unbelievable results were the rankings of Rei and Suzumiya Haruhi. I was sure enough before that the top spots will either go to Rei or Haruhi, but my prediction failed XD They didn’t even manage to get into the top 5. Well, the list was only from NHK’s own survey to a thousand or so anime fans in Japan, not everyone in the country and the list above is my own personal one.

This list will probably change in the future, but the top 3; Yui, Rei and Rukia, will never be replaced~♥

Dewa, dewa~!

P.S. It was Rukia’s birthday last January 14! Tanjoubi Omedetou~!

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