Favorite Final Fantasy Female Character Poll

This poll is only a hair strand away from perfection, nevertheless, I still love the results.

Square Enix, the creators of the great Final Fantasy games revealed yesterday the results of the favorite Final Fantasy female character poll. The poll was held on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 25th anniversary commemoration forums and only forum members are allowed to vote. They could only vote for one character.

Here are the results:

  • (1) Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII
  • (2) Aerith – Final Fantasy VII
  • (3) Yuna – Final Fantasy X 
  • (4) Tifa – Final Fantasy VII
  • (5)Celes – Final Fantasy VI
  • (6) Tina (Terra) – Final Fantasy VI
  • (7) Serah – Final Fantasy XIII
  • (8) Garnet – Final Fantasy IX
  • (8) Faris – Final Fantasy V
  • (10) Rinoa – Final Fantasy VIII
  • (10) Rydia – Final Fantasy IV
  • (12) Selphie – Final Fantasy VIII
  • (13) Rikku – Final Fantasy X
  • (14) Beatrix – Final Fantasy IX
  • (14) Yuffie – Final Fantasy VII
  • (16) Ashe – Final Fantasy XII
  • (17) Rosa – Final Fantasy IV
  • (17) Eiko – Final Fantasy IX
  • (17) Agrias – Final Fantasy Tactics

(I have no idea as to why 9, 11, and 15 aren’t there)

According to S.E., there was only a narrow difference between the results of Lightning and Aerith. As expected from the character voiced by Maaya Sakamoto ♥

I said that this poll was almost perfect for me, that’s because if you switch the rank of Lightning and Aerith, you’ll get my top 3 favorite Final Fantasy girls. But even so, I’m still overjoyed with this poll 🙂

Source: ANN

P.S. Final Fantasy girls are the most beautiful girls in the virtual world! ♥

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