Ghost In The Shell 2013

The Major is back!

Motoko kusanagi

Production I.G. announced this week that a new Ghost in the Shell work is on the way. The new movie is entitled “Ghost In The Shell ARISE” and is scheduled to be released this year. The newest director to take the helm on this latest GITS is Kise Kazuchika, the key animator in the previous GITS movies and TV series. Whether it’s a movie, an OVA or a series hasn’t been confirmed yet, though speculation says it’s a new movie. The story and the rest of the characters are yet to be revealed as  well.

On February 12, there’ll be live event for GITS: ARISE  at Tokyo that will be streamed at Nico Nico Douga, Bandai Channel and also Youtube. More updates will be posted on their official website (it’s in Japanese though).

New director, new character design and most likely a new story too, an a fan of Ghost in the Shell, I have high expectations for this. Right now, we can only wait.

Major Kusanagi will be kicking asses again!

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