Wynonna Earp 2×01

Earpers, rejoice! Wynonna Earp is finally back!

Episode 1 of season 2 just premiered last Friday and I’ve got so many feels about it. So now, I’m gonna just share my thought and feels about it here.

All right, here’s a quick recap, but if you haven’t seen the episode yet, go back now and watch it. You’ll love it.






Wynonna, Waverly & Doc set out to save Dolls from Black Badge with the help of Elize, another BB agent and a friend of Dolls. So the gang slips into a Black Badge facility where Dolls is being held and frees him. After letting Deputy Marshal go, the gang gets cornered by his superior, Agent Lucado. Fortunately, a BB big shot shows up, saves them from Lucado, and tells them to officially sign up into BB, using blood signatures. Unfortunately, the boss shoots Elize dead for treason.



The three go back to the Homestead and meet up with Nicole, who was supposed to be their getaway man but left them after hearing Waverly (& Wynonna ) say there was nobody else in their team who knows about BB. As Wynonna finally grieves for the loss of Willa, Dolls drops by and returns her necklace. The episode ends with the Earp sisters going out to hunt demons and a new monster breaks free.


It was a hell of a great episode!


  • What happened at the end of ep 13 of season 1 where Waverly pulled a gun on Wynonna and Doc was actually because there was a demon monster behind the two. So maybe, Dark Waverly was active that time. There were quite a lot of instances though that she showed up, where her eyes were all black but no one actually saw it.
  • I am really convinced that Waverly is not possessed by a Demon, but rather, she somehow has demon blood in her and the black goo awakened it. I will stand by this theory.
  • It’s still a question though whether Waverly can control the demon power. It just pops up occasionally, sometimes at the most convenient time, like when they got attacked in the lab. Luckily, it’s not taking over her, at least maybe not yet, but seems to me she can control it to some extent.
  • She seems pretty aware of this ‘change’, but she’s keeping it to herself, same as she’s keeping the revelation Bobo told her from Wynonna. Speaking of that revelation about Waverly’s identity, it’s the main reason I believe she’s not entirely human. There are other reasons but I’ll probably make a different post about it.
  • Dark Waverly is sexy and kinda scary, but still adorable.
  • Waverly as a bespectacled secretary with British accent made me hyperventilate. If I wasn’t gay before, I sure as hell am gay now lol
  • The difference of Waverly before getting in contact with the black goo, and after she did is clear as day. Waverly now, even when her eyes don’t go all black, is sassy, braver and bolder. Dominique did mention in an interview that one of the changes in Waverly is that she’s more daring about her sexuality. Basically, Dark Waverly is horny
  • I can’t help but think that Dark Waverly is like Kara affected by red Kryptonite in Supergirl haha
  • I feel really sorry for Nicole. Her girlfriend is acting weird but won’t say anything, then she obviously wanna join BB, but they left her out of it. Though I do understand that Waverly did that to protect her, because like what she said, BB is scary, so of course, she’ll try to keep her girlfriend safe and away from trouble. I also understand Nicole’s position. She knows what’s going on but she must still feel like an outsider, like, she’s with the group, but not really part of the group.
  • I was so not ready for that underboob, good God. I am not complaining though :3
  • Less than 10 minutes into 2×01 and they give us a WayHaught making out scene. I am dead.
  • Waverly calling Nicole ‘baby’; Nicole saying ‘My Waverly’. I died again.
  • Waverly introducing Nicole as her girlfriend with a hella proud look on her face as said girlfriend tries to contain her gay. Yes, WayHaught, keep killing me. I don’t mind ❤
  • Nicole’s the only one catching up on Waverly’s changes, and it’s both funny and weird that she began to notice it just because she ‘tastes different’. Make you wonder what she normally tastes haha
  • Nicole turning away to Waverly’s kiss kinda hurt, but I trust Emily Andras. She knows what she’s doing. Oh boy, bring on the gay angst!
  • The new guy, Jeremy (Varun Saranga), I feel like he’ll get along with Waverly since they’re both brainy. I have another theory about him, but I’ll save it.
  • I would’ve loved to see more of Elize (Rachel Skarsten) because she was such a kick-ass character, and I love badass females. And she could’ve been a great partner to Wynonna, like, they could’ve been a BrOTP.
  • Doc really does look kind of weird without his hat. And he was really sweet this episode; from complementing Nicole, to worrying about Waverly, going ahead to save Dolls and do the dirty work just in case because Wynonna has had enough.
  • The thing Dolls told Doc to tell Wynonna, which the latter didn’t do, I think it’s about Doll’s real identity, I mean, what he really is. Just a hunch.
  • To be honest, I’m not shipping Wynonna with any of the guys haha. Not that I don’t like the guys, Doc & Dolls are great, it’s just that, I love the sisterhood of her and Waverly. It’s my favorite relationship in the show. I love it more than anything else. But I don’t mind if she ends up with Doc or Dolls. I have no problems with that so long as she’s happy and Waverly approves. By the looks of it, Team Dolls is leading a bit.
  • “I only really have one job now; keeping my baby sister safe” Awww, over-protective big sis Wynonna is the best. She is gonna wreck anyone who tries to harm her little sis. With Dolls now free, she couldn’t care less about BB. And I can’t wait for her to clash with Nicole. Shovel talk, please!
  • Crying Wynonna makes wanna cry too. She’s literally shot dead 2 of her family members, her baby sister’s the only one she has left… When she discovers something has happened to Waverly, and that maybe she’s not actually her sister, I can’t imagine how broken she’ll be. She’s gonna lose it 😦
  • No matter what happens, the Earp sisters must be protected at all cost!
  • Great episode. Action packed, funny, clever and thrilling. Emily Andras is a genius.

Favorite lines:

“My poor brave baby.” – Waverly Earp

“You taste different.” – Nicole Haught

“You should see what I can do naked.” – Eliza

“Waverly, that is the worst British accent I have ever heard.” – Nicole Haught

“I’m British, not elderly.” – Waverly Earp

“I only really have one job now. Keeping my baby sister safe.” – Wynonna Earp


I have quite a few more to say, but let’s wrap it up at that. I’ll probably list all my theories about Dark Waverly n a different post because I have so many, it won’t fit in this one lol.

Anyways, bye now.


P.S. I’m not sure if I’ll do reaction post for all episodes, hopefully, I could, but probably not haha
P.P.S This was supposed to be posted Sunday or Monday, but I’m such a professional at procrastinating. Sorry.
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