Wynonna Earp S2: Dark Waverly / Gooverly

I just wanna put these theories and thoughts about Dark Waverly out there, in case someone wants to know lol

Ok, so, as we all know, Dark Waverly (I prefer calling her that. Sounds more classy :P) started, or first appeared at 1×13, when Waverly touched that black goo at the border of the Ghost River Triangle.

About the black goo…

  • There have been theories about it, as to what actually was that goo or where is it from. Personally, I think it’s demon blood; I just don’t know from what demon. I don’t think it’s the giant demon worm monster’s blood, it turned to ashes after it got inside the border. I also don’t think it’s Willa’s blood because she died at the other side of the border.
  • I’ve mentioned before that I believe Waverly is actually a demon, or at least, half-demon. So, I could only think that someone or some people know about this and want to awaken her demon side, thus, the demon blood. It was a trap. Although this theory doesn’t seem very plausible because how the heck would they know if she’ll touch the goo or not? Yeah, this theory is very unlikely, but I’m pretty sure there’s a group in the background, not Black Badge, who knows about Waverly’s real identity. JC, the old dude from S01, I’m convinced he knows something about Waverly.

About Dark Waverly…

  • After the latest episode, it pretty much convinced that Waverly is not really an Earp. When Waverly and Nicole were reading Willa’s childhood diary, it said there that a baby was brought into their home. Now, Nicole said it could’ve been just Willa being childish and jealous of the new sibling, but I couldn’t seem to buy that, after all, Willa was 9 years older than Waverly (if I’m not mistaken). I’d think kids at that age would already understand if there’s a new kid.


  • The statement above leads me to the theory I’ve mentioned about Waverly being a demon, or half-demon. My guesses are these:
  1. Waverly is the daughter of a revenant and a human. The revenant was killed by Ward Earp, and the other parent probably abandoned her or is dead, thus, the Earp took the kid because ‘it’s the right thing to do.
  2. Waverly was found by Willa & Wynonna’s parents when she was just an infant. She’s an off-spring of a powerful demon (not just a revenant), hence, other demons are scared of her. Instead of killing her, the Earps took her in.
  • Another thing that I think supports my theory that Waverly is actually a demon is when she was talking with Bobo at the Treehouse in episode 1×13, when he mentioned that the revenants won’t be the only ones who’ll be set free once the prison that is the Ghost River Triangle is broken.



  • He said ‘Maybe it’s time for the rest of us to step into the light. Including you.’. All right, I may be reading too much here, but I really think Bobo was referring to Waverly as one of their kinds; demons.


  • Also, in  1×05, Bobo mentioned Waverly has depths, which I think he meant that there’s a part of her she hasn’t discovered yet.



  • In a scene in 1×13, JC mentioned that the Triangle is a sanctuary to something. I think, the ‘What’ he was talking about is Dark Waverly (or full-on demon Waverly). She has never set foot outside of the Triangle.




  • I do not believe Waverly is possessed. She is still Waverly, it’s just that her demon blood had been awakened. If she’s possessed, she wouldn’t know that there are changes going on in her, but she seems very aware.


  • Whenever her eyes go all black, that’s her demon blood at its peak, like it’s when she’s most powerful or when her demonic powers come out and it could actually be sensed by other demons. When it’s not, she’s just somewhat bolder/braver hornier than normal (S01 Waverly). Like I said in a previous post, Dark Waverly is like RedK Kara. They’re still them, it’s just that, their deepest, darkest desires/thoughts are pulled to the surface.


  • Nicole already senses there’s something different with Waverly whilst Wynonna is still oblivious. I’m guessing they’ll all discover Waverly’s secret from someone else. Remember the BBD contract they signed with their blood last ep? I think BBD will run tests on those blood they got, then they’ll find something wrong with Waverly’s, or at the very least, they’ll discover she’s not really an Earp.


  • The scariest theory I came up with is that Wynonna will have to fight Dark Waverly when the latter finally goes full-on demon mode. I don’t want conflict with their beautiful sister relationship.


Yeah, I know these theories are pretty far-fetched and ridiculous, but I just can’t help thinking about what and who Waverly really is. Yeah, maybe I’m reading too much on some scenes, and yeah, maybe I just really want her to be some supernatural being, but hey, it’s a free country. A girl can dream, right? haha

Anyway, these are all my personal opinion/thoughts. Don’t take them too seriously. We need to continue watching to see if I got anything right.


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