About Me

~ Otaku.

~Cat lover.

~Shipping is life

~Weird af.

~ I don’t like being an adult.



whine on my blog




3 Responses to About Me

  1. hirasawasphereito says:


  2. empre33 says:

    Hey! I realized that you and I are quite similar 🙂 I love Toyosaki Aki as well! Her voice, face, and that fang ^~^ everything!!! And when I also found out that you’re a girl as well, I felt relieved cuz it feels awkward when I, a girl, is obsessed witha female idol >< ooo i love cats as well nyan nyaaan~ We should talk more aye?

    • rei says:

      Yo! Always happy to meet another fan of Aki! *glomp* and you love cats too? Wow, we are similar indeed 😀
      Don’t feel awkward for being an avid fan of a female idol/seiyuu/singer. Being a fan of another girl for her beauty, talent and/or personality means you respect and admire that girl because she’s worth it. I love a great number of female personalities, so there’s nothing wrong with your obsession! I’d love to talk to a fellow fan! I just finished uni so I’m occupied with job hunting but you can message or mail me anytime~ 🙂

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