Ghost In The Shell 2013

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The Major is back! Production I.G. announced this week that a new Ghost in the Shell work is on the way. The new movie is entitled “Ghost In The Shell ARISE” and is scheduled to be released this year. The … Continue reading

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My Favorite Anime Girls ♥

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For the 50th anniversary since the first airing of Astro boy, NHK’s radio show conducted the Top 10 Anime Heroine Poll. Because my top 3 favorite girls were included, I decided to make my list too :3 Here we go: … Continue reading

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My Best Anime of 2012

Well, look who’s back? I figured I’d dust off this blog of mine a little XD

Since some people are talking about their best anime of 2012, I thought I’d share my list as well. I’m considering all animes that started winter of 2011 and ended early 2012 as part of last year’s anime list. Shows that are still airing are excluded here.

Here are my Top 5 animes of 2012:

1. Mirai Nikki

mirai nikkiI admit I didn’t watch Mirai Nikki until last month. It aired December of 2011 and ended march last year. I didn’t watch it since I’m not into thriller series very much, neither into yandere characters. I tried it out of curiosity and hey, I love it! The story really is great. It makes you want to see what happens next as soon as possible, thrilling indeed. Though it revolves around killing the rest of the diary holders, it wasn’t as gory as I expected (because they were cut out). But there’s a lot of blood. The animation adds a point too. The animation pretty much reflects the budget for the series and with Mirai Nikki, I’m guessing they saved quite a fortune for it. But the thing I loved most about MN are the characters, particularly Yuno. I said I’m not into yandere characters, but Yuno is the only exception. She’s a possessive, jealous, violent, murderous psychopath stalker but deep, very very deep inside, she’s just a girl in love. All she did, all she does and all that she will ever do is for her precious Yukki. That is what makes her an interesting character. And what makes the survival game even more amazing, is that you don’t know what happens next (you only know that Yuno’s gonna kill someone lol).

2. Hyouka

Chitanda x Houtaro Of course, there has to be a Kyoto Animation series in this list, and that is the mystery/school life Hyouka. Story? Great. Animation? Glorious. Characters? Good. It’s really hard for me to pick between Mirai Nikki and Hyouka as the #1. Both are amazing in their own right so they’re almost at the same level, although Hyouka is a few notch above Mirai Nikki when it comes to animation (I bet the budget is 2x bigger than that of K-On! season 2 XD). So, what made this ranked 2nd? Simple, Mirai Nikki drew me more on the edge and made my heart beat faster after each episode, while Hyouka is one of those those ‘smart animes’ that amaze you because of its witty mystery cases with every episode. But seriously, either one could be on the top spot.

3. Natsuiro Kiseki

NatsuKise Since I’m a fan of the slice-of-life genre, it is to be expected that there’s a slice-of-life anime here, though, Natsuiro Kiseki (or NatsuKise) has a touch of magic. While the story isn’t all that superb; the adventures-and-misadventures-of-four-friends-one-summer-vacation-caused-by-a-magical-rock-and-how-it-taught-them-lessons-about-life-and-friendship, it was still a good show. They may look like a bunch of kids having fun, but actually, they must face the sad reality of a friend moving away. In the end, all they went through made them more mature and strengthen their bond. Cliche? Well, I like this kind of feel good story. Also, the Sphere cast and the yuri undertones were merely bonuses. NatsuKise didn’t get 3rd on my list just because of those. Believe me.

4. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai


The 2nd KyoAni series on the list. Just so you know, I didn’t choose animes based on how much I like them, rather, I based it mainly on the story and how it was told (except for BRS, maybe), and Chuunibyou did a good job with those. From comedy, it can easily shift to drama without any flaw, the characters, from being childish to being mature (by force or not), from high school life to dramatic romance, everything was well executed. That’s KyoAni for you. Good show indeed.

5. Kokoro Connect / Black ★ Rock Shooter


brs1I have a good reason why KC is here, but for BRS, I don’t know, I just thought it was a cool anime and should be in the top 5. Shallow, I know *facepalm*

Now let me list down #1 in certain categories.

  • Best Animation: Hyouka
  • Best Slice-of-Life Series: Natsuiro Kiseki
  • Best School life Series: Tari Tari / Hyouka
  • Best Comedy Series: Yuru Yuri ♪♪
  • Best Romance Series: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai
  • Best Drama Series: Kokoro Connect / Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai
  • Best Action Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
  • Best Horror/Thriller: Another / Mirai Nikki
  • Best Adventure Series: Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing
  • Best Movie: From Up On Poppy Hill.
  • Best Opening: Black Rock Shooter OP
  • Best Ending: Hyouka ED 1
  • Character I Hate Most:

Kirigaya “Kirito” Kazuto (Sword Art Online) – Yes, I hate him. He ranks #1 in my ‘Go Die Bastard’ list.

  • Favorite Male Character:

Yamaguchi “Yamaken” Kenji (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) – He’s handsome, smart, rich, arrogant, but you know, he’d act stupid sometimes, spend his money, swallow his pride, and even give up his feelings if it’s for Shizuku. Yes, I like him more than Haru, more than the rest of the anime guys last year. Gawd! If Shizuku won’t take him, I will!

  • Favorite Female Character:

yuno4 Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki) – I don’t think I still need to explain why.

I don’t have a Best Ecchi because I don’t watch ecchi, there’s no sci-fi either because I didn’t find any great SF series, except for Robotics;Notes but it is still airing. In the Best Movie category, I would like to say K-On! The Movie but you know, it can’t possibly hold a candle against a Studio Ghibli film. Based on story and execution, I chose From Up On Poppy Hill.

Everyone says Fate/Zero is 2012’s best, I haven’t seen it, only the trailer, but I think so too. The Fate series is already known to be a great anime, so it’s expected. What? Why isn’t SAO in my best list? Well, it was a good anime (though I really couldn’t stomach the harem theme), until the 2nd arc, when they animated ALO. If you ask me, it turned to nothing but a fan-service anime, so no, SAO is not 2012’s best anime.

So anyways, that’s all. Opinion, suggestion, or violent reaction anyone? I know this isn’t the perfect list but, this is based on my own personal preference.


P.S. Pictures are not mine. Credits go to their respective owners~!

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Sphere AFA Interview!

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Yo. I’m temporarily back. Temporarily. I just dropped by to post this (which is quite late as always ). Anyway, here’s a few of the questions asked during the interview session of Sphere in Anime Festival Asia ’12, held last November … Continue reading

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Eureka Seven AO (End)

Ok, this is no review of some sort, it’s just my thoughts (and rants) about how AO ended. And I shouldn’t be doing this because I’m two weeks late for my Medaka Box posts, but, I just need to let this out.



To be honest, when I first learned that a sequel to Eureka Seven was gonna air, I danced in joy. I seriously freakin’ love Eureka Seven. It’s one of my all-time faves. I rarely like mecha, sci-fi anime but E7 was different. It was about youth, family, beliefs, life and of course, true love. It was one of BONES’ greatest series ever made. Then AO aired. Pretty cool, I thought, but I didn’t quite understand what was going on. They’re in Japan, on earth, there’s no Eureka, no Renton, no Gekkostate. I didn’t mind it at first but as I continued with the series, the more I got confused. Actually, I didn’t complete watching all episodes. I skipped some ‘cuz I just couldn’t keep up anymore, but I watched the last few episodes. I don’t know if AO picked up the story after the manga, the anime or the movie. It’s most likely from the anime but what’s with the many kinds of Nirvash? Even the Nivash in the movie was here. I just don’t get it, but it didn’t matter, as long as the characters I’ve been longing for appear.

I was really happy when Eureka showed up at ep 14, and I hoped it was for good, but no. When Renton showed up at ep 22, I was like “YEEEESSSS! It’s about freakin’ time!” He looked cool, except for the voice and the white hair. I thought to myself, “Everything’s gonna be alright now! Renton and Ao will save Eureka and they’ll live happily ever after”. Then came ep 23 & 24. When I saw the ending, I had to facepalm and question why it was like that. I was bad. It had me all excited on what will happen next, until it turned out that I was hoping too much. I hoped for a happy ending. BUT WHY?!? I’d forget about Renton & Eureka showing up late, I’d forget almost all the characters from E7 were out of the picture, I’d forget that the story was complicated, I would seriously forget everything if they made a happy ending for them. After seeing how much hardship Renton & Eureka had to go through, keeping Ao alive, and how it must have been painful for them to lose their first child… really, all I wished for was for their family to be together forever (TT^TT)

Why did Ao send his parents back to their real world? That world forbids them to have a kid! Why the hell did he not send them to his current world, where they could live together?! Oh God. Why?!? This is what pains me. And also, AO is what happens next after E7, if it ended this way, I think that the happy ending of E7 (it’s a happy ending ‘cuz Renton & Eureka came back together) will all go to waste. The future that awaits those two kids at E7 will be this sad 😥 It’s not fair.

I didn’t really expect it to be great but, in all honesty, it did not give half the awesome-ness the original E7 did. Basically, I just wanna say that AO was a decent series but it was obviously inferior to Eureka Seven.

Astral Ocean almost had the same fate as the Eureka 7: Pocket Full of Rainbows movie. Both were miles behind the original. If I’m not being harsh, I’d say they shouldn’t have made a sequel. Yes, I said I was overjoyed with a sequel but, if it ends like this, they shouldn’t have touched the already masterpiece Eureka Seven. You may think that I’m complaining because I love the original series so much I could not accept the fact that AO had a completely different story with different characters. Probably. I wanted to see a story as grand as the first one and I miss the past characters. A part of the reason I’m ranting is because of this, but most of it is because of this sad, painful, disappointing feels that I have over the ending. Now, I dunno what to think next anymore. I had the perfect sequel in my mind, a happy ending for all of them, but then I remember the feeling Eureka and Renton had when they lost their daughter and then Ao… *sigh* Why did you do this to us, BONES? You did the same with Darker Than Black season 2. It was inferior, and shit, you even killed Yin. What the hell is your problem with happy endings?! (T_T)

Alright, I need to stop ranting now. I have more important things to do. I’ll just forget that AO ended this way, then maybe I’ll be fine.

All Hail Eureka Seven!!!

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YUI’s big announcement.

To clear things up, it’s not a retirement. It’s just another hiatus.


“Everyone, hello.

This is YUI.

Today, I have something to tell.

I, YUI, did activity as YUI for the past  8 years,
Through a lot of encounters with you all, staff members and everyone who has been involved with me, I have seen new things that I want to challenge, So I’ve decided to take a break in preparation for that.

I think once again, I will make you all feel worried, but I’ve decided this with positive thoughts, So I thought it would be nice to transmit this decision to you through this write message.

My appearance will probably change in the future, but because I want to do a lot of fun things through my precious music, if you like, from now on, please continue along with me.

I will keep updating my recent status, through the diary and such.
Please support me from now on.


So, she’ll be gone for a while but will definitely come back with a surprise. Honestly, when the rumor that her announcement was she’s gonna retire, I panicked big time. It scared the shit outta me. I knew a retirement was impossible, at least not now, but still, I got scared (O.O) Good thing it’s now confirmed  she just need a break. YUI has been very busy these past 8 years, even after taking her first hiatus back in 2009. She needs to take a break, I understand that, that’s why I’ll support her decision and wait for her come back! We, YUI-lovers will patiently wait. No matter what she comes back with, we’ll stick to her. Nothing will change 🙂

To other YUI fans, please keep on supporting her as well. And speaking of support, YUI’s Greatest Hits Albums will come out this December 5. It’s divided in 2 albums, Orange Garden Pop and Green Garden Pop. Please get your copies! Here are the uber so beautiful CD covers:

Regular Editions:

Limited Editions:

Please get your copies 😀

We’ll be waiting for you, YUI! ♥♥♥♥

YUI: “I can’t live without music”



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Medaka Box: Abnormal 3 & 4

Let me say sorry first for the delay of this post. Gomenasai.

Okay, back on topic!

Episode 3:

This episode pretty much just served as an introduction to the next one.

So, after Maguro’s training, Zenkichi and Medaka are now able to resist Miyakonojou’s ‘Weight Words’. I really would’ve wanted to see what kind of training they went through. since it’s Maguro, I know it must’ve been hell-like, but unfortunately, even in the manga, their training wasn’t shown :/ We could’ve seen Maguro harassing his younger sister and getting beaten up afterwards XD Anyways, after the fail ‘date’ and learning about how the entire student body will serve as guinea pigs for the Flask Plan, Medaka and co. head underground. The entrance at the first floor was a huge door that would only open when you enter the correct 6 digit code. As expected, Medaka got through without breaking a sweat. I have no idea how the hell did she figure it out though. Oh well, this is Medaka we’re talking about, she isn’t normal after all. The best method though, was Akune’s. Since he and Zenkichi aren’t a genius like Medaka or as good as numbers as Kikaijima, the only way to get to the other side of the door is, of course, break down the door. That’s Akune, ‘The Destroyer’ for you. But I wonder, how did an iron candle stand break the huge, thick, metal door… (O.o)

Instead of using the elevator, Medaka and co. decided to take the stairs in order to observe the entire facility. That decision made them end up lost in the maze-like floor. Here, we saw Kikaijima’s special ability. This girl can seriously scream! Like what Zenkichi said (after his eardrums got nearly broken), when it comes to the lung capacity, their swimmer-turner-secretary stands atop their student council president. Her special skill improved later and she can actually use it in combat so it’s something to look forward to ;D When it comes to being amazing, well, Medaka is still number 1. She figured out the entire layout of the floor using the sound vibrations of Kikaijima’s scream. She really is a genius monster. Before reaching the stairs, the first opponent appears. Yosh! The battle against the Flask Plan begins!

Episode 4:

The first fight against the Front 6: Medaka vs Shigusa Takechiho.

I really like this fight mainly because I was  impressed with Medaka. Well, she’s always been impressive and all, but she fought mano-a-mano without turning into War God mode. While it was only an episode long fight, I still like it better than the fight against Unzen. Medaka was mostly just running amok during that time. Also, the mystery as to why she doesn’t judge when attacked was solved. It’s not that she ‘doesn’t’, it’s she ‘can’t’. Medaka has no reflex at all, allowing her to completely control her body. A normal person would dodge, even without thinking, if he’s about to be hit by a ball or something, that’s Takechiho. Medaka on the other hand, is the opposite. I’ve always thought she was just being either stupid or being saint-like with the ‘You don’t have a reason to attack me therefore I have no reason to dodge’ principle.

In order to get the data about the Flask Plan from Takechiho, Medaka took a blow on the head, and gave up her left arm. Most of the reason for it though, is that she can’t dodge an attack from her opponent. This where she use the ‘Kurokami Phantom’ (I finally saw it animated!). It’s a powerful, high-speed attack that even Medaka ends up being damaged as well. That did end the first fight against the 13 Party, destroying even the Flask Plan data, but not the fight between Medaka and Takechiho. More than fighting, it was just two monsters ‘communicating’ with each other. We’ve seen stories like this, where a super strong guy only wants to fight against an opponent as strong as him. Rather than winning or losing, to Medaka and Takechiho, all it mattered was how fun it was to fight fair and square against someone on the same level as them. It reminds me of those shounen/high school mangas that whenever the delinquent main character faces a strong opponent, he’s more happy than worried. And the exchange of blows between Medaka and Takechiho was awesome, plus the sounds and voices of the seiyuus too. That fierce fist fight turned on Medaka’s reflexes, finishing Takechiho with an ankle drop.

So, the score is 1/0, with the Student Council leading. Next is Zenkichi’s time to shine


P.S. Again, gomenasai. This post sucks and not much pic. I am facing the same problem as most of the bloggers out there; Lack of time *facedesk*

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