Wynonna Earp S2: Dark Waverly / Gooverly

I just wanna put these theories and thoughts about Dark Waverly out there, in case someone wants to know lol

Ok, so, as we all know, Dark Waverly (I prefer calling her that. Sounds more classy :P) started, or first appeared at 1×13, when Waverly touched that black goo at the border of the Ghost River Triangle.

About the black goo…

  • There have been theories about it, as to what actually was that goo or where is it from. Personally, I think it’s demon blood; I just don’t know from what demon. I don’t think it’s the giant demon worm monster’s blood, it turned to ashes after it got inside the border. I also don’t think it’s Willa’s blood because she died at the other side of the border.
  • I’ve mentioned before that I believe Waverly is actually a demon, or at least, half-demon. So, I could only think that someone or some people know about this and want to awaken her demon side, thus, the demon blood. It was a trap. Although this theory doesn’t seem very plausible because how the heck would they know if she’ll touch the goo or not? Yeah, this theory is very unlikely, but I’m pretty sure there’s a group in the background, not Black Badge, who knows about Waverly’s real identity. JC, the old dude from S01, I’m convinced he knows something about Waverly.

About Dark Waverly…

  • After the latest episode, it pretty much convinced that Waverly is not really an Earp. When Waverly and Nicole were reading Willa’s childhood diary, it said there that a baby was brought into their home. Now, Nicole said it could’ve been just Willa being childish and jealous of the new sibling, but I couldn’t seem to buy that, after all, Willa was 9 years older than Waverly (if I’m not mistaken). I’d think kids at that age would already understand if there’s a new kid.


  • The statement above leads me to the theory I’ve mentioned about Waverly being a demon, or half-demon. My guesses are these:
  1. Waverly is the daughter of a revenant and a human. The revenant was killed by Ward Earp, and the other parent probably abandoned her or is dead, thus, the Earp took the kid because ‘it’s the right thing to do.
  2. Waverly was found by Willa & Wynonna’s parents when she was just an infant. She’s an off-spring of a powerful demon (not just a revenant), hence, other demons are scared of her. Instead of killing her, the Earps took her in.
  • Another thing that I think supports my theory that Waverly is actually a demon is when she was talking with Bobo at the Treehouse in episode 1×13, when he mentioned that the revenants won’t be the only ones who’ll be set free once the prison that is the Ghost River Triangle is broken.



  • He said ‘Maybe it’s time for the rest of us to step into the light. Including you.’. All right, I may be reading too much here, but I really think Bobo was referring to Waverly as one of their kinds; demons.


  • Also, in  1×05, Bobo mentioned Waverly has depths, which I think he meant that there’s a part of her she hasn’t discovered yet.



  • In a scene in 1×13, JC mentioned that the Triangle is a sanctuary to something. I think, the ‘What’ he was talking about is Dark Waverly (or full-on demon Waverly). She has never set foot outside of the Triangle.




  • I do not believe Waverly is possessed. She is still Waverly, it’s just that her demon blood had been awakened. If she’s possessed, she wouldn’t know that there are changes going on in her, but she seems very aware.


  • Whenever her eyes go all black, that’s her demon blood at its peak, like it’s when she’s most powerful or when her demonic powers come out and it could actually be sensed by other demons. When it’s not, she’s just somewhat bolder/braver hornier than normal (S01 Waverly). Like I said in a previous post, Dark Waverly is like RedK Kara. They’re still them, it’s just that, their deepest, darkest desires/thoughts are pulled to the surface.


  • Nicole already senses there’s something different with Waverly whilst Wynonna is still oblivious. I’m guessing they’ll all discover Waverly’s secret from someone else. Remember the BBD contract they signed with their blood last ep? I think BBD will run tests on those blood they got, then they’ll find something wrong with Waverly’s, or at the very least, they’ll discover she’s not really an Earp.


  • The scariest theory I came up with is that Wynonna will have to fight Dark Waverly when the latter finally goes full-on demon mode. I don’t want conflict with their beautiful sister relationship.


Yeah, I know these theories are pretty far-fetched and ridiculous, but I just can’t help thinking about what and who Waverly really is. Yeah, maybe I’m reading too much on some scenes, and yeah, maybe I just really want her to be some supernatural being, but hey, it’s a free country. A girl can dream, right? haha

Anyway, these are all my personal opinion/thoughts. Don’t take them too seriously. We need to continue watching to see if I got anything right.


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Wynonna Earp 2×01

Earpers, rejoice! Wynonna Earp is finally back!

Episode 1 of season 2 just premiered last Friday and I’ve got so many feels about it. So now, I’m gonna just share my thought and feels about it here.

All right, here’s a quick recap, but if you haven’t seen the episode yet, go back now and watch it. You’ll love it.






Wynonna, Waverly & Doc set out to save Dolls from Black Badge with the help of Elize, another BB agent and a friend of Dolls. So the gang slips into a Black Badge facility where Dolls is being held and frees him. After letting Deputy Marshal go, the gang gets cornered by his superior, Agent Lucado. Fortunately, a BB big shot shows up, saves them from Lucado, and tells them to officially sign up into BB, using blood signatures. Unfortunately, the boss shoots Elize dead for treason.



The three go back to the Homestead and meet up with Nicole, who was supposed to be their getaway man but left them after hearing Waverly (& Wynonna ) say there was nobody else in their team who knows about BB. As Wynonna finally grieves for the loss of Willa, Dolls drops by and returns her necklace. The episode ends with the Earp sisters going out to hunt demons and a new monster breaks free.


It was a hell of a great episode!


  • What happened at the end of ep 13 of season 1 where Waverly pulled a gun on Wynonna and Doc was actually because there was a demon monster behind the two. So maybe, Dark Waverly was active that time. There were quite a lot of instances though that she showed up, where her eyes were all black but no one actually saw it.
  • I am really convinced that Waverly is not possessed by a Demon, but rather, she somehow has demon blood in her and the black goo awakened it. I will stand by this theory.
  • It’s still a question though whether Waverly can control the demon power. It just pops up occasionally, sometimes at the most convenient time, like when they got attacked in the lab. Luckily, it’s not taking over her, at least maybe not yet, but seems to me she can control it to some extent.
  • She seems pretty aware of this ‘change’, but she’s keeping it to herself, same as she’s keeping the revelation Bobo told her from Wynonna. Speaking of that revelation about Waverly’s identity, it’s the main reason I believe she’s not entirely human. There are other reasons but I’ll probably make a different post about it.
  • Dark Waverly is sexy and kinda scary, but still adorable.
  • Waverly as a bespectacled secretary with British accent made me hyperventilate. If I wasn’t gay before, I sure as hell am gay now lol
  • The difference of Waverly before getting in contact with the black goo, and after she did is clear as day. Waverly now, even when her eyes don’t go all black, is sassy, braver and bolder. Dominique did mention in an interview that one of the changes in Waverly is that she’s more daring about her sexuality. Basically, Dark Waverly is horny
  • I can’t help but think that Dark Waverly is like Kara affected by red Kryptonite in Supergirl haha
  • I feel really sorry for Nicole. Her girlfriend is acting weird but won’t say anything, then she obviously wanna join BB, but they left her out of it. Though I do understand that Waverly did that to protect her, because like what she said, BB is scary, so of course, she’ll try to keep her girlfriend safe and away from trouble. I also understand Nicole’s position. She knows what’s going on but she must still feel like an outsider, like, she’s with the group, but not really part of the group.
  • I was so not ready for that underboob, good God. I am not complaining though :3
  • Less than 10 minutes into 2×01 and they give us a WayHaught making out scene. I am dead.
  • Waverly calling Nicole ‘baby’; Nicole saying ‘My Waverly’. I died again.
  • Waverly introducing Nicole as her girlfriend with a hella proud look on her face as said girlfriend tries to contain her gay. Yes, WayHaught, keep killing me. I don’t mind ❤
  • Nicole’s the only one catching up on Waverly’s changes, and it’s both funny and weird that she began to notice it just because she ‘tastes different’. Make you wonder what she normally tastes haha
  • Nicole turning away to Waverly’s kiss kinda hurt, but I trust Emily Andras. She knows what she’s doing. Oh boy, bring on the gay angst!
  • The new guy, Jeremy (Varun Saranga), I feel like he’ll get along with Waverly since they’re both brainy. I have another theory about him, but I’ll save it.
  • I would’ve loved to see more of Elize (Rachel Skarsten) because she was such a kick-ass character, and I love badass females. And she could’ve been a great partner to Wynonna, like, they could’ve been a BrOTP.
  • Doc really does look kind of weird without his hat. And he was really sweet this episode; from complementing Nicole, to worrying about Waverly, going ahead to save Dolls and do the dirty work just in case because Wynonna has had enough.
  • The thing Dolls told Doc to tell Wynonna, which the latter didn’t do, I think it’s about Doll’s real identity, I mean, what he really is. Just a hunch.
  • To be honest, I’m not shipping Wynonna with any of the guys haha. Not that I don’t like the guys, Doc & Dolls are great, it’s just that, I love the sisterhood of her and Waverly. It’s my favorite relationship in the show. I love it more than anything else. But I don’t mind if she ends up with Doc or Dolls. I have no problems with that so long as she’s happy and Waverly approves. By the looks of it, Team Dolls is leading a bit.
  • “I only really have one job now; keeping my baby sister safe” Awww, over-protective big sis Wynonna is the best. She is gonna wreck anyone who tries to harm her little sis. With Dolls now free, she couldn’t care less about BB. And I can’t wait for her to clash with Nicole. Shovel talk, please!
  • Crying Wynonna makes wanna cry too. She’s literally shot dead 2 of her family members, her baby sister’s the only one she has left… When she discovers something has happened to Waverly, and that maybe she’s not actually her sister, I can’t imagine how broken she’ll be. She’s gonna lose it 😦
  • No matter what happens, the Earp sisters must be protected at all cost!
  • Great episode. Action packed, funny, clever and thrilling. Emily Andras is a genius.

Favorite lines:

“My poor brave baby.” – Waverly Earp

“You taste different.” – Nicole Haught

“You should see what I can do naked.” – Eliza

“Waverly, that is the worst British accent I have ever heard.” – Nicole Haught

“I’m British, not elderly.” – Waverly Earp

“I only really have one job now. Keeping my baby sister safe.” – Wynonna Earp


I have quite a few more to say, but let’s wrap it up at that. I’ll probably list all my theories about Dark Waverly n a different post because I have so many, it won’t fit in this one lol.

Anyways, bye now.


P.S. I’m not sure if I’ll do reaction post for all episodes, hopefully, I could, but probably not haha
P.P.S This was supposed to be posted Sunday or Monday, but I’m such a professional at procrastinating. Sorry.
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Wynonna Earp S01 Recap & S02 Theories

Ok, y’all. Wynonna Earp TV series will be back tomorrow, June 9, for its second season and I’m just here to do a quick recap of season 1, and also to put my theories for season 2 out there.

All right, I know this is an anime blog, but I thought this awesome series is not getting the popularity it so greatly deserves; its Facebook page only has 38K likes. To be honest, I didn’t watch this show until recently. I have seen some tags about it on Tumblr, where I think most of the fans are, but I never really checked it out. I only decided to see it last month because Supergirl (SG) season 2 was ending and I wanted to have another series to watch. A YouTuber I’m following, who’s also watching SG mentioned that Wynonna Earp (WE) is what they’ll watch while waiting for SG season 3, so, that’s the story why am I now in the WE fandom.

I binged the entire season in 1 night, and God, it was great. It was just awesome. Ok, here’s a very quick recap of season 1.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!



Wynonna Earp, goes back to her hometown of ‘Purgatory’ on her 27th birthday and reluctantly, at first, becomes the next Earp heir to inherit the power of Wyatt Earp’s ‘Peacemaker‘ gun and continues the long line of attempts to break the Earp curse.


She, along with her smart little sister Waverly, Deputy Marshall Dolls, and Doc Holliday (and later with Nicole too) start with hunting down the 7 demons aka ‘Revenants’, Wyatt’s resurrected outlaws, who attacked their home, took and killed their older sister, Willa Earp, and what caused Wynonna to accidentally kill their father.


Everything gets even more chaotic & confusing for everyone when an amnesiac Willa happens to be one of the girls Wynonna helped during a mission, and Bobo, the Revenants leader in Purgatory, seems to be interested in the eldest Earp girl.


Willa regains all her memories and turns out to be on Bobo’s side, but only Waverly realizes this. Willa & Bobo’s plan is to leave ‘Ghost River Triangle’, where all revenants are imprisoned, and let everyone in town perish. By doing so, all revenants will be able to get out to the world, and all other evils will be able to get inside the Triangle.


Clever Waverly secretly takes Peacemaker so Willa & Bobo failed to cross the boundary since the Earp heir needs to have the gun when she crosses. Unfortunately, Willa finds out it was her who took it, and she holds Waverly’s girlfriend at gunpoint. Wynonna, finally aware of Willa’s motive, was reluctant to give the Peacemaker but eventually give in after her little sister pleaded to save her lover.



Wynonna & Doc chase Willa & Bobo to the boundary and Willa manages to get outside of the Triangle after an injured Bobo lets her escape. Wynonna eventually ends up shooting her older sister to death, with Peacemaker, when one of the monsters from outside the Ghost River Triangle captures the latter. Said monster turns into ashes though when it tried to get inside the boundary while chasing Wynonna.


The series ends with Wynonna killing Bobo, Dolls being taken by his superior for disobeying orders and Waverly being possessed then aiming a gun at Wynonna.


  • Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna Earp)

  • Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly Earp)

  • Shamier Anderson (XavierDolls)

  • Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday)

  • Katherine Barrell (Nicole Haught)

I tried to make it as short as I possibly can, but yeah, that’s the shortest summary/recap I came up with lol.

Anyway, let me list a few things I love about the show.


#1: I love the all the main characters. Every single one of them is awesome, seriously. There’s literally no way you’d hate any of them, hell, even Bobo was likable! For my fave, it’s actually a very, very close fight between the 3 girls (Wynonna, Waverly & Nicole). But then, the one character who just melts my heart every time she smiles is Waverly. She is just a pure, adorable, little cinnamon roll angel and she must be protected at all cost. This is why I got so freaked out when she turned into like Dark!Waverly at the end of season 1.

#2: Really cool story. Amazingly written. Every episode keeps me at the edge of my seat. All hail Emily Andras.

#3: The cast/characters have amazing chemistry. I mean, you could pair up anyone of the 5 and they’ll just click, you know? Like, you could put anyone together and they’ll fit, no matter how different they are. I’m not talking about sexual/romantic chemistry here, it’s just that, everyone has a great dynamic with each other, like, there’s a tandem for everything; BFF, rivals, partners-in-crime just everything. Bless these actors/actresses.

#4: WayHaught. In the world of Television, where there’s a lack of wlw stories, WE gives us the pairing of Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught. They are adorably perfect it makes me cry tears of joy. And creator/producer Emily Andras already guaranteed the gays will live, just like what we saw in season 1. Bullet-proof vest, y’all!

#5: Wynonna & Waverly’s sisterhood (Sorry, but I’m leaving Willa out ‘cuz she’s evil, especially to my baby Wavs.) This is the thing I love most about the show. The sibling love they have for each other. My heart just flutters whenever Wynonna gets all protective of Waverly and when she calls her ‘Baby girl’. More than anything, their relationship is the heart and soul of the show.

There’s a whole bunch of thing to love about the show but here’s my top 5.

So, tomorrow, the much awaited season 2 begins. Y’all probably saw already the trailer, but here it is anyway.

Now if that didn’t get you pumped up, then there must be something wrong with you.

Basing on that trailer, I have a few theories I’d like to share.

Theory 1: About Waverly, I think she’s not actually possessed, but rather, she really has some Demon blood/power in her. The reasons on how I came up with this theory were, 1st, Bobo said on the final episode of S01 that Waverly is not really an Earp. 2nd, on the trailer, it seems she can control her ‘demon powers’, like turn it on & off, or at least it shows up when she’s in danger. The dark liquid thing she touched probably triggered her demon side to awaken.

Theory 2: Still about Waverly, she either didn’t tell the gang about her new found power, or the gang knows but they’re kind of cool with it because Waverly can control it, at least to some extent. In the trailer, it doesn’t look like they’re wary of her. Also, she didn’t  tell them, especially Wynonna, what Bobo told her at the Treehouse.

Theory 3: I don’t think the barrier of the Ghost River Triangle was destroyed when Willa crossed the boundary, mainly because the moment Wynonna got back inside the boundary, the giant worm-snake monster turned into ashes. So, if that’s the case, the rest of the 77 revenants are still within the Triangle, and the other evil things are still outside.

Theory 4: In relation to theory 3, I think Dolls will break out of prison using his supernatural powers, that is if the Military base/prison he’s in is outside the Triangle. Wynonna can’t leave the boundary or else all hell will break loose, quite literally. I actually wanna see Dolls use his ware-wolf power to escape and get back to the team.

Theory 5: JC, the old guy who just appears and disappears after talking to people. Obviously, he’s not human, he’s not a revenant either, but Bobo knows him. I have 2 guesses here; 1st, he’s an angel, but he’s more of like an observer only of this war. I actually saw a similar theory on Tumblr, stating that since there are demons, there are also angels in this story. 2nd, he’s a demon, a powerful/high-ranked one, but he wasn’t killed by Wyatt so the rules of the boundary don’t apply to him. I couldn’t seem to have an idea about his motives though.

Theory 6: The ‘shovel talk’ of Wynonna & Nicole will be intense. Actually, I’m pretty sure this ain’t just a theory, based on what Emily Andras & Kat Barrell said during ClexaCon; Wynonna being very protective of her little sister, and about the scene with Melanie that Kat mentioned was brilliantly written and she was so looking forward to. I’m really hoping the shovel talk is what Kat was talking about. I want a confrontation scene between protective Big sis and protective girlfriend.

Again, folks, these are just theories I made up. Don’t take these seriously, ‘kay?

Anyway, my expectations for the show? Well, I only expect it to be so awesome, I’ll be blown away. Hell, just seeing a more badass Waverly blowing shit-eaters off with her shotgun is enough to get me all hyped also, Waverly in a cheerleading outfit dancing for Nicole? Haught damn. Like what Dominique said during ClexaCon, season 2 will be on a much higher level than season 1 and I am excited as hell for that.

My entire being is ready! Bring on Wynonna Earp season 2!


I do not own the pics & GIFs. Screen shots are mine tho 🙂
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I was supposed to write my review, or rather, my reaction to Makoto Shinkai’s latest film ‘Kimi No Na Wa’ (Your Name) but I just couldn’t put my thoughts together. But it was a beautiful film, definitely. Anyways, I’ll just share some of my shitty fanarts here. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I’m not that good. Actually, I do not consider myself good because I’ve seen people who can do a hell lot better. I’ve posted these on my other social media accounts, including tumblr, maybe some of you have seen them before 😛

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Guess who’s back.

3 years after trying to be an adult and dealing with the real world ate me alive, I’m here again. For now. Because the ending of Bleach manga was just too much for me to deal with, I need to let my feels and rants go.

Let me tell you, I’ve been following Bleach for 9 years now. I started with the anime, then the manga. I got so hooked because I found the story really interesting. The OPs & EDs of the anime were really good, and the art of the manga was just great (although it was a lot different than how it looked like when the manga started). But what I love the most was IchiRuki. The pairing of Ichigo & Rukia. I just love how they are the complete opposite of each other and yet so perfect together. They are destined indeed.

I love it. I’m a fan.

I’m going to spoil it for everyone who hasn’t read chapter 686 yet; IchiRuki didn’t become canon. Ichihime did. Renruki did. Not IchiRuki.

I understand that he had to rush the ending because SJ was taking him out. I understand that he wouldn’t be able to give a good final battle between Yhwach and Ichigo due to the limited time he was given. I understand that the story was already going downhill even before that. I understand the plot holes and the loose ends. I can f*cking understand everything, I can deal and accept anything, but hell, not with what happened to IchiRuki.

While some (who are most likely IH fans) would think I’m being childish because I didn’t get what I wanted; for Ichigo and Rukia to end up together, I f*cking dare you to read/re-read the manga and tell me that Kubo was NOT shipping IchiRuki. Because he was. He did.

Remember these…

These moments, the eyesmex between them… only the blind couldn’t see that they have something going on between them. Something special, intimate, romantic. And who’s idea was that? Kubo himself. He already said before that Bleach isn’t a romance manga, but still, he kept dropping hints of IchiRuki romance everywhere. Hell, he’s been shoving the pair, and how perfect and compatible they were for each other, right into the fans’ faces.

Remember these…


All these years, Kubo had been generously spoiling IR fans. He’d always say or show how necessary Rukia is to Ichigo’s life. How she changed his world. How she’s the only one to cheer him up and get his shit together. How important she is to him. And vice versa.


He even personally supervised the 3rd Bleach movie because it was dedicated to Ichigo and Rukia.

Bleach: Fade to Black trailer

He also expressed before how much he loved the Bleach musicals (Burimyu), wherein the producers, directors and writers/composers are obviously IchiRuki shippers.

IchiRuki moments – Burimyu

He loved the pair. I knew Kubo loved IchiRuki. I clearly saw it. How well he built the connection between them (especially during the SS arc). Everything was going well up to the FB arc. I don’t know what happened, but when the Blood War arc started, Kubo kind of distanced the two from each other. I didn’t mind. He’s done that before, then he’ll end it with a great IR reunion. Also, there weren’t any hints or undertones that Ichigo & Rukia will end up with anyone else. So, I patiently waited. Even when the manga started going all over the place, I stuck with it. I gritted my teeth and kept on reading the manga even when the story became kind of stupid and crappy. My love for IchiRuki kept me holding on. I trusted Kubo. The fandom trusted him. And then he just flipped.

Without any preamble, he decided to just throw everything he’s built out of the window and have Ichigo end up with Inoue, and Rukia with Renji. And you know what? They didn’t just become ‘couples’, the pairs actually got married, did the thing, and had children. Oh boy. Overkill, dude, overkill. And rumour has it that it was because Kubo wanted to get back to the fans for hating so much on Inoue (well, she says/shouts/screams ‘Kurosaki-kun’ 99.9% of the time and she hasn’t been useful in anything thing so, really, you can’t expect people to like her just because she has big boobs and is pitiful). Funny how he made an ending like that for Inoue, when he said that Rukia is his daughter. Well, whatever the reason behind it, it doesn’t change the fact that it was a bad ending. So, nope, not accepting it. I’d just go to fanfinction.net and read a much better ending for Bleach there.

dis is bullshit

I really can’t believe this. I just can’t. I spent 9 years of my life shipping IchiRuki only to get this kind of ending. That was 9 f*cking years. IR is my ULTIMATE OTP, I’ve dedicated my life to this ship, but in the end, I and the whole IR fandom get backstabbed like this? That is just not fair. When most of the fans were leaving the Bleach fandom because of how shitty the story had become, the IR fans remained. Because we believed. We trusted. We don’t deserve this kind of cruelty. Heck, forget us, ICHIGO AND RUKIA DIDN’T DESERVE THAT KIND OF ENDING. THEY DESERVE TO BE TOGETHER BECAUSE BLEACH IS THEIR STORY, THE STORY OF DESTINY, AND THEY ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER! I AM EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THAT WAS ALMOST 10 YEARS WORTH OF MY LIFE THAT JUST WENT DOWN THE DRAIN! GFDI KUBO!

sadate me

I really wish it’s all a dream or something, and one last chapter will come out next week and it’ll finally show IchiRuki becoming canon because damn it, that’s what should’ve happened. Right now, I’ll find ways to heal my broken soul…





(credit to the owners of pics & gifs used)
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My OTP list ~♥♥♥

Been a while!

I’m back just to share this, my ‘One True Pairing’ list. Since it’s the month of love, I listed down my favorite anime couples 🙂

1. Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach)

My ultimate anime OTP.

“The rain drags Black Sun down, but the rain dried by White Moon.” – BLEACH Souls & Vibes poem.

“I wonder if I can keep up with the speed of the world without you.” – Ichigo. BLEACH Volume 49 poem.

“When the two that share destiny part and reunite beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again.” – BLEACH ch. 460 poem.

Kubo-sensei proves it, ’nuff said.

2. Renton x Eureka (Eureka 7)

It’s true love, really.

3. Ryuuji x Taiga (Tora Dora)

The best ‘high school’ love story. This couple proved that love is not selfish, and it also needs a hell lot of courage.

4. Chiaki x Nodame (Nodame Cantabile)

Probably the most incompatible couple in the list, yet Chiaki and Nodame stuck together all through the journey of love and dreams. And it was a happy ever after.

5. Koyuki x Maho (Beck)maho4 Koyuki x Maho 2 koyuki x maho3

No vid because all the best moments are in the manga.

No vid because all the best moments are in the manga.

Another incompatible pair. US grown girl meets ordinary Japanese boy. It worked out, then came the hardest blow, a long distanced relationship. Even though the ride didn’t go very smoothly, they managed to pull through.

6. Arima x Yukino (Kare Kano)

After all the pretending, after all the lies, after all the madness (of Arima), after all their hardships, they got their well deserved happy ending (mostly thanks to Yukino’s efforts lol).

7. Soul x Maka (Soul Eater)

Partners for life. Together forever.

8. Jinta x Menma (Ano Hana)

I’m sure, in their next life, they will finally be together… *sob*

9. Spike x Faye (Cowboy Bebop)

Screw the ending. Screw Julia. I don’t care ’bout anything, Spike and Faye should’ve been together!

10. Lelouch x C.C. (Code Geass)

She is the Witch and he is her Warlock. I believe with all my heart, Lelouch and C.C. love each other. Too bad, there will never be a happy ending for them :/

There you go, my top 10. Also, since I’m at it, I’d like to recommend some great love story movies 😀

  • Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)
  • 5 Centimeters Per Second

I suggest you get your box of tissue ready.

  • The Place Promised in Our Early Days
  • Whispers of the Heart
  • From Up On Poppy Hill


Disclaimer: The videos are not mine~♥

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Favorite Final Fantasy Female Character Poll

This poll is only a hair strand away from perfection, nevertheless, I still love the results.

Square Enix, the creators of the great Final Fantasy games revealed yesterday the results of the favorite Final Fantasy female character poll. The poll was held on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 25th anniversary commemoration forums and only forum members are allowed to vote. They could only vote for one character.

Here are the results:

  • (1) Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII
  • (2) Aerith – Final Fantasy VII
  • (3) Yuna – Final Fantasy X 
  • (4) Tifa – Final Fantasy VII
  • (5)Celes – Final Fantasy VI
  • (6) Tina (Terra) – Final Fantasy VI
  • (7) Serah – Final Fantasy XIII
  • (8) Garnet – Final Fantasy IX
  • (8) Faris – Final Fantasy V
  • (10) Rinoa – Final Fantasy VIII
  • (10) Rydia – Final Fantasy IV
  • (12) Selphie – Final Fantasy VIII
  • (13) Rikku – Final Fantasy X
  • (14) Beatrix – Final Fantasy IX
  • (14) Yuffie – Final Fantasy VII
  • (16) Ashe – Final Fantasy XII
  • (17) Rosa – Final Fantasy IV
  • (17) Eiko – Final Fantasy IX
  • (17) Agrias – Final Fantasy Tactics

(I have no idea as to why 9, 11, and 15 aren’t there)

According to S.E., there was only a narrow difference between the results of Lightning and Aerith. As expected from the character voiced by Maaya Sakamoto ♥

I said that this poll was almost perfect for me, that’s because if you switch the rank of Lightning and Aerith, you’ll get my top 3 favorite Final Fantasy girls. But even so, I’m still overjoyed with this poll 🙂

Source: ANN

P.S. Final Fantasy girls are the most beautiful girls in the virtual world! ♥

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